Embassy of Cuba in Zimbabwe (Concurrent in Mauritius)

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Cuba and Zimbabwe celebrate the 33 anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations.
Friday, April 19, 2013

Harare, ZIMBABWE, April 19, 2013.- The Cuban Embassy, together with government officials and the solidarity organizations of Zimbabwe, as well as with the participation of members of the Diplomatic Corp, the Cuban Cultural Association and the Cuban Medical Brigade, celebrated on this date the 33 anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the two countries, in an activity which was covered by the official newspaper The Herald and counted with the remarks of Mr. Fananidzo Pesanai, chairman of the Zimbabwe-Cuba Friendship Association (Zicufa), Mr. Lovemore Gwati, chairman of the Free the Five Committee, and the Cuban Ambassador Enrique A. Prieto López. 


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Zimbabwe-Cuba Graduates Association shares sadness with Venezuelan brothers.
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Harare, Zimbabwe, March 11, 2013.- We received the news of the passing on of Cde Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías with shock and a heavy heart. His death is a blow for the progressive peoples of this world, but more so, the Third World and Latin America. His life is a reminder of a continued struggle for total freedom and justice of the oppressed and disadvantaged masses. He was an icon of the new economic liberation struggle and eradication of poverty. We hope the people of Venezuela, in the dark hour of their Revolution, will draw comfort in the knowledge that his burial will not be the burial of his ideas and vision of a free Venezuela, but the beginning of a real fight to maintain and continue what he had started. By his death, thousands more chavenists will be born. We, the Zimbabwe –Cuba Graduates and the entire progressive people of Zimbabwe, would like to share this sad moment with our Venezuelan brothers.

Viva Venezuela!

Zimbabwe-Cuba Graduates Association.

Solidaridad EN
Condolence message to the people, government and family of comrade Hugo Chávez from the Zimbabwe–Cuba Friendship Association (Zicufa)
Friday, March 08, 2013

Harare, Zimbabwe, March 6, 2013.- it was with great shock and deep pain that we, the members of the Zimbabwe–Cuba Friendship Association, learnt of the untimely passing on of our dear friend, the late esteemed president of Venezuela, comrade Hugo Chávez. 


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