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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

16-03-2016 - Minister of Health Patrick Pengel currently tarries for private reasons Cuba has used the opportunity to pay a courtesy visit during his short stay with his Cuban counterpart, Roberto Morales Ojeda.

Minister Pengel was received by his counterpart at the Ministry of Health, where was substituted in a friendly atmosphere of views on the existing cooperation and current challenges in the field of public health. 

Pengel thanked on behalf of the Surinamese Government for our country awarded scholarships for the coming academic year in the field of General Medicine, as well as appreciation was expressed for the contribution Cuba for years delivers on the health cooperation. 


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Ministers of Health of Cuba and Suriname meet in Havana
Saturday, March 19, 2016

La Habana, 19 de marzo de 2016. Patrick Pengel Minister of Health of Suriname paid a courtesy visit to his Cuban counterpart, Roberto Morales Ojeda. He is in Cuba for private reasons. The two ministers exchanged views on the existing cooperation and current challenges in the field of public health. Pengel thanked Morales on behalf of the Government of Suriname for the scholarships offered for the coming school year in the field of General Medicine. He also expressed his gratitude for the contribution that Cuba has been supplying for years in health cooperation. 

The ministers discussed about  the state of health in each other's countries which include cancer, heart disease and diabetes which were identified as major challenges. Minister Morales briefed his colleagues about the preventive measures taken by his country against the zika virus. 


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Intercambia Ministro de Obras Públicas de Suriname con Embajador de Cuba
Friday, March 11, 2016

Paramaribo, 11 de marzo de 2016. En la mañana de hoy, el Embajador cubano Manuel J. Rubido fue recibido por el Sr. Siegfried V. Wolff, Ministro de Obras Públicas de Suriname. En encuentro que transcurrió en un ambiente cordial se repasaron temas de la agenda bilateral y se abordaron las posibilidades de cooperación e intercambio entre Cuba y Suriname en temas de infraestructura e hidráulica, así como, otros asuntos relativos a la construcción para mitigación de desastres naturales y urbanización.

El diplomático cubano expuso algunos de los logros de Cuba tanto en las obras nacionales y la experiencia internacional en materia de construcción. Así mismo, el Ministro surinamés se interesó por los avances y la resistencia del pueblo cubano en todos estos años de Bloqueo Económico, elogiando la creatividad con que el pueblo cubano ha podido producir y resistir. 


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ECLAC says US blockade hinders Cuban development. Paramaribo, July, 30, 2015.
Thursday, July 30, 2015

 HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 30 (acn) The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC, regretted that the US blockade on Cuba hinders the development of that island nation, though it stressed some advancements taking place in the Caribbean country.

ECLAC’s executive secretary Alicia Barcena said in Santiago de Chile that although some opening has taken place in sectors like tourism and trade, the truth is that the US blockade continues to increase financial costs for Cuba.

“We submitted a report to the UN General Assembly, and we did some calculations that revealed that the blockade inflicted Cuba damages estimated at about 117 million dollars in 2014,” said Barcena.

As to Cuba’s economic prospects she said that there is significant progress, but there is still the barrier of the blockade, and she added that some travel restrictions have been lifted, but we are talking about a very difficult issue, the blockade. (EmbaCuba Suriname).

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Pew Survey Shows Most U.S. Citizens Support Relations with Cuba. Paramaribo, July 24, 2015
Friday, July 24, 2015

 HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 24 (acn) Seven out of every 10 U.S. citizens support the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, according to a Pew Research Center survey.
As reported on the Web site of this U.S. organization, the opinion poll, conducted last week among citizens around the country, reveals that an equal number, seven out of every ten, are in favor of lifting the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island.
Compared with data from a similar Pew survey held in January, there was a considerable increase in support for the change of policy towards Cuba, when 63 percent of those surveyed by Pew said it supports the announcements made on December 17 and 66 percent was in favor of lifting the blockade.
After 54 years, six months and 17 days, the governments of Havana and Washington reestablished diplomatic relations on July 20, and the Cuban embassy was reopened in the U.S. capital.
Meanwhile, in Havana, the ceremony to hoist the U.S. flag on its legation will take place on August 14, as confirmed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in a press conference this week.
The public support of U.S. citizens to resume relations with Cuba was majority, regardless of political affiliation.
The Pew survey shows an increase in support from U.S. political parties to the process of rapprochement between the two nations: 56 percent of Republicans approve the reestablishment of relations, a 16 percent increase since January.
Also, eight out of every 10 Democrats support the new policy of President Barack Obama, as does 75 percent of independents, an increase from nine and eight percent, respectively.
Also, 59 percent of Republicans supported the end of the blockade, something done only by four out of every ten in that party in January.
Among Democrats, however, 82 percent is in favor of lif

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