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US Radio and Television Aggression against Cuba Recognized as Illegal by the World Radio Communications Conference  

The United States isolated once again in its anti-Cuba policy
After two weeks of intensive discussions and negotiations, the World Radio Communications Conference at its session in Geneva, Switzerland, joined Cuba’s initiative of entrusting the Director of the International Telecommunication Union’s Radio Communication Bureau with the mandate to follow up on the interference provoked by the US Government’s radio-electric aggression to the Cuban radio and television services, and report to the next Conference to be held in 2015. The Conference so confirmed the validity of the conclusion adopted in its previous session, in which the illegal nature of the anti-Cuba radio and television broadcasts by US authorities by using aircrafts was recognized.

In 2007, the Conference concluded that "a broadcasting station operating on board an aircraft and transmitting solely to the territory of another administration without its agreement cannot be considered in conformity with the Radio Regulations".

As a consequence of the overwhelming support of the international community to Cuba’s request, the decision was adopted in the Conference without a vote. Despite its political isolation, and proving once more its usual disregard for multilateralism and international law, the US delegation declared they felt no commitment to the conclusion and that it was the will of their Government to continue its policy towards Cuba – which is clearly hostile.

Likewise, the Conference noted that despite the numerous requests by the ITU Radio Communication Bureau, the US Government has not ceased the interference caused by its illegal transmissions to Cuba’s broadcasting services.

Wilfredo López Rodríguez, head of the Cuban delegation to the Conference and Director of Regulations and Standards of the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications, condemned at the Conference the increased interference caused by US radio-electric aggressions to Cuba. He noted that on December 22nd and 29th, 2011, anti-Cuba transmissions were conducted by US authorities on broadcasting bands included in the International Frequency Register for use by Cuban stations.

In his statement to the plenary session of the Conference, the Cuban representative appreciated the support of numerous delegations to Cuba’s demand for justice and respect for international law. As he condemned the radio-electric aggression imposed by successive US Administrations on the Cuban people since the very triumph of its Revolution, he reported that over 20 radio broadcasting antennas from diverse radio and television services transmit more than 2000 hours per week of anti-Cuba material, including speeches calling to the perpetration of terrorist acts. He concluded by reaffirming the unwavering right of Cubans to self-determination and, in that regard, assured that Cuba will continue to defend its entire sovereignty, including the management of its radio-electric space.

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