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UNDP-UNFPA adopts important decision on the Human Development Report

Yesterday, the UNDP-UNFPA Executive Board adopted by consensus an important Decision, proposed by Cuba, concerning the Human Development Report (HDR) that is prepared under the mandate of the United Nations Development Programme.

Everyone knows the numerous problems that have arisen regarding the HDR in recent years. Those problems became untenable with the presentation of the HDR 2010, which was riddled with mistakes, inaccuracies and unacceptable judgments of political nature on Member States.

The so-called editorial independence of the Human Development Report Office in no way can be construed as a right to impunity, lack of transparency and accuracy, political manipulation, and marginalization of Member States’ opinions.

The Decision adopted by the Board reflects the concerns expressed by States over the HDR, and defines concrete actions aimed at improving the quality and credibility of the Report, preserving its impartiality, and ensuring a more efficient, transparent and inclusive mechanism of consultation and interaction between the Human Development Report Office and Member States.

According to the Decision adopted yesterday, among other things, the UNDP Administrator must report the next annual session of the Board on the measures taken in order to ensure the quality and credibility of the HDR.

It was agreed also that, in the annual sessions of the Board, substantive discussions on all aspects relating to the Human Development Report will start taking place, with a view to improving its quality.

With the adoption of this Decision, an important step forward has been taken in the urgent process of improvement of the Human Development Report. We all wish the HDR to work as a useful tool in the promotion of human development worldwide. In order to ensure this, its credibility and impartiality must be preserved at all costs.

Cuba thanks all members of the Board and other States that participated in the process for their valuable support to this important Decision. 

                                                                                                  New York, 4 February 2011

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