Permanent Mission to UN

Press Release: Yellow ribbons in the belly of the beast.

Yellow ribbons and bows fluttered also in the streets of New York from the Diplomatic Mission of Cuba to the United Nations, as part of the September 12 event for the return of the Cuban Five.

The staff of the multilateral Mission decked the building out with yellow ribbons to claim for the release and return to our homeland of our Five Heroes unjustly imprisoned in the United States, just as the Cuban people did in our land. All the workers of the Mission proudly wore yellow ribbons on their chests.

The diplomatic officials spread in the social network the truth and injustice of the case of the Cuban Five who were fighting against terrorism.

On the fifteenth anniversary of the unjust confinement of the five Cuban Heroes, the Mission staff devoted the event to honor the integrity Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René have shown when withstanding this injustice.

Cuban diplomats, along with the people and the support of the international solidarity, reiterated their commitment to the struggle for the definitive return of the Cuban Five.


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