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Call to the congress Pedagogía 2013 to be held on 4-8 February 2013, in Havana, Cuba

The Minister of Education of the Republic of Cuba issued the following call on those interested to attend the new edition of the congress Pedagogía 2013, to be held next 4-8 February, in Havana, Cuba.

Dear colleague:

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba, under the auspices of the regional and international organization is pleased to announce the celebration of the next edition of “Pedagogía 2013”, to be held at the Convention Center in Havana, from February 4- 8, 2013.

This new edition calls, once more, for the unity of educators,  which is the main element to continue promoting integration among our nations, to exchange experience, to bring together all our strength and effort to make the goals and agreements of previous regional conferences come true, as an example of solidarity and  cooperation in our struggle for a better world.

The complexity of the world at present, its acute economic and social contradictions, the fast scientific and technological development well as the efforts to eradicate illiteracy- as the first step to achieve universal access to an inclusive education of high quality- constitute indispensable premises to take into account in the search for ways to promote sustainable development in our countries.

To pursue the aim mentioned above, education should play the key role. Comprehensive and humanistic strategies and approaches should be proposed, as these are useful instruments to have a better understanding of the present world, in our effort to meet the challenges of the present century.

Under these premises, we are calling teachers, professors, educators, researchers and leaders of the region to participate in the congress “Pedagogía 2013”. The fulfillment of the objective of the congress will depend on the active exchange of experience and the enhancement of the quality of lifelong education for everyone, through solidarity and cooperation in the process of fostering responsible citizenship, respect for cultural diversity and national identity   in the formation of the new generations, who share accepted universal human values.

We look forward to your participation in the congress!

Ph.D. Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella
Minister of Education
President of the Organizing Committee

New York, 25 November 2012.

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