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Civil Society organizations in Cuba call for peace and accelerated progress towards nuclear disarmament. New York, 29 May 2012.

Last May 24th, the Meeting of Civil Society Organizations in Cuba on Peace and Nuclear Disarmament took place in Havana, sponsored by the Cuban United Nations Association.

Representatives from 80 Civil Society Organizations and other international organizations based in Cuba gathered together in that meeting, and a Final Declaration calling for peace and accelerated progress towards nuclear disarmament was adopted.

The participants expressed their awareness on the need to suppress all acts of aggression, as well as to promote peace and a just and equitable world order based on the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the International Law. They also stressed their deep concern about the danger to the survival of humankind posed by the existence of over 20,000 nuclear weapons worldwide, and expressed their support to the actions of governments leading to nuclear disarmament and the prohibition and total elimination of such weapons from the face of the Earth.

The Final Declaration adopted states that concrete actions must be taken in order to achieve general nuclear disarmament and the total elimination of nuclear weapons according to a multilateral, clear, irreversible and verifiable time frame.

It affirms that the total elimination of nuclear weapons is the only absolute guarantee against their use or threat of use. It also expresses that we must definitely abandon the unacceptable doctrine of “nuclear deterrence”, which, instead of contributing to nuclear disarmament, it encourages the perpetual possession of those weapons.

Said Declaration reaffirms it is unacceptable that in today’s world, suffering a deep and rampant economic global crisis, the astronomical amount of 1.74 trillion dollars is being spent on armament production, whereas 1020 million people are hungry and 11 million children die every year due to preventable diseases.

The participants in the meeting called on all people of good will and peace lovers in the world to strengthen their efforts in order to ensure the right to live in peace for present and future generations.

New York, 29 May 2012.

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