Permanent Mission to UN

Press Release. Cuba reaffirms its support to the cause of the Palestinian people at the UN Security Council.

New York, 23 July.- In an statement made on 22 July at the UN Security Council, the Cuban Deputy Permanent Representative, Oscar León González, reaffirmed that Cuba will continue supporting the Palestinian people in their legitimate and just struggle for self-determination and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

The Ambassador strongly condemned the new aggression of Israel against the population in Gaza Strip, for Israel is using its military and technological superiority to implement a policy of collective punishment, with a disproportionate use of force causing the loss of innocent civilian lives and massive property damage.

In his speech, the Cuban diplomatic pointed out that only the end of colonizing policy, the release of Palestinian prisoners and the lifting of the blockade on Gaza Strip would allow the implementation of a meaningful political process that brings peace to the region.

The Caribbean representative also stressed the need for the Security Council to play its role in defense of international peace and security, and to take immediate concrete steps so that Israel put an end to its abuses and its illegal policies and practices against the Palestinian people.

To conclude, the Cuban Ambassador insisted on the need to preserve sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria and the right to self-determination of its people without interference or intervention of any sort, against the attempts to use the alleged protection of human lives as a pretext for foreign intervention.


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