Permanent Mission to UN

Press Release. Cuba denounces new subversive plans of the U.S. government before the Non-Aligned Movement

New York, United Nations, 18 August. The Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations denounced before the Non-Aligned Movement the new anti-Cuban subversive plan financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The Plan sought to mobilize young Cubans in actions aimed at destroying the political, economic and social system chosen by the Cuban people, with the use of young people recruited in Latin America for this end. Such plan has been running since 2009.

Cuba sought the solidarity of the Movement to reject the said plan; a blatant violation of the principles underpinning the Non-Aligned Movement, especially the respect for the sovereignty of States and non-interference in internal affairs of other States. The U.S. authorities, that have claimed responsibility for the plan and the implementation thereof, ratify the hostile and interfering nature of its policy towards Cuba and its purpose of generating destabilizing situations that lead to the overthrow of the constitutional order endorsed by the Cuban people.


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