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Press Release. Cuba champions the inclusion of culture as a Sustainable Development Goal in the future post-2015 Development Agenda

New York, United Nations, May 5. Cuba ratified today at the UN that culture should play a paramount role in the Sustainable Development Agenda post-2015 and become a Sustainable Development Goal, with clear targets and indicators under the social pillar. “This goal will bring coherence, conceptual clarity and strength to development models. Only a concrete political and operational framework, like the one provided by the Agenda, could ensure that all development initiatives lead to truly sustainable benefits for all.”

In addition, the Island reaffirmed its view of culture as a fundamental component of the human development, source of identity, innovation and creativity for individuals and communities, and as an important element for social inclusion, eradication of poverty by promoting economic growth and involvement in all development processes. “We cannot speak of authentic, effective and lasting social and economic development without a cultural dimension,” said diplomatic Daylenis Moreno.

The Third Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the UN spoke at a Thematic Debate of the General Assembly on sustainable Culture and Development when drafting Development Agenda post-2015. Moreno also posed concrete examples for the inclusion of the cultural perspective in the preparation of the Agenda; among those she included the full integration of culture in development programmes, the adoption of national legislations that ensure equal access to the enjoyment of cultural rights, access to cultural goods and services and freedom of artistic expressions of all individuals, as well as the need to strengthen the role of culture as a source of employment and income.

The diplomatic further expressed that “Cuba recognizes and supports the leadership of UNESCO, as Agency of the United Nations System with a specific mandate in the field of culture, design, formulation, implementation and assessment of indicators related to the development of cultural industries and initiatives aimed at reducing poverty”.

The Debate takes place as part of the preparation process of what would be the future Development Agenda post-2015 in the United Nations, where new targets and goals will be incorporated to be fulfilled by the international community for the sustainable development of the peoples.

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