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Press Release. Cuba denounces the effects of the blockade policy by the United States on its contributions to the budgets of the United Nations and other International Bodies.

New York, 17 May.- During the Session of the Fifth Committee of the UN General Assembly, on the subject Improving the Financial Situation of the United Nations, the Cuban delegation denounced the obstacles represented by the US blockade in the international financial transaction of the Island, including its payments to international bodies.

The Island seized the opportunity to reiterate its strong rejection to unilateral coercive measures contrary to international law that hinder and prevent various developing countries from executing the payments to the United Nations budget.

“An analysis of the financial situation of the Organization would have no validity whatsoever, unless the obstacles faced by many of its members to make their contributions to the various budgets are taken into account. Developing countries make huge efforts in this regard, particularly in an international context marked by a systemic and global crisis” – so stated the Cuban delegation.

In this context, the delegation reiterated the limitations imposed by the aggressive policy of economic, commercial and financial blockade of the US Government on Cuba affecting the payment of its assessments to the United Nations, which is executed through a third party rather than through the normal channels.

The Cuban representation added that “the blockade prevents Cuba from using US dollars in its international financial transactions, including payments to international bodies. This places our transfers as target of the currency fluctuations of the market, which negatively affects our capacity to pay.” 

The delegation of the Island pointed out that Cuban transfers to international organizations have been frozen on several occasions; even those made in Euros and maintained that the US authorities are increasingly aggressive hampering international cooperation with Cuba, including that provided by multilateral bodies.

Despite these obstacles, the Cuban delegation restated Cuba’s readiness and political will to continue honoring its financial obligations to the United Nations.

The UN General Assembly Fifth Commission is the one in charge of administrative and budgetary affairs and, Member States consider and approve the budget of the Organization within the framework of this Commission.

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