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US government extends another year the application of the blockade against Cuba

New York, 17 September.-The economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the Government of the United States against Cuba remains in full implementation, despite the continuous claim by the international community for its elimination. The fundamental objective of that policy, officially in force since early 1960 decade, continues to be causing damage and suffering to the Cuban people.

In recent days, the US Government extended for another year the application of trade sanctions against Cuba, through a memorandum addressed to the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Treasure.

This decision was once again implemented under the Trading with the Enemy Act, claiming that it responds to Washington’s domestic interests.

The overwhelming majority of the international community has condemned the blockade policy against Cuba, inter alia, with the approval of a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly for more than twenty years in a row, calling for the end of such a criminal policy.


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