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Press release on the keynote address by Dr. Eusebio Leal, Historian of Havana, offered at the University of Columbia.

Yellow ribbons in Columbia for the Cuban Five

New York, September 12-. More than a hundred people gathered yesterday in the emblematic Columbia University in this city to witness the masterly lecture of Eusebio Leal PhD, Historian of the City of Havana.

Those who attended the Wood Auditorium of the Graduate School of Architecture of the prestigious American academic institution, namely, critics, architects, art students, journalists and Cuban residents in the city, travel through the tidy and vibrant speech of Leal for over twenty years of continuous restoration work in the Capital City of Cuba.

Leal stood before his audience wearing a yellow ribbon in his right lapel. After the ovation following his lecture, he especially dedicated his words to the victims of the attack of September 11, 2001 in New York, in its twelfth anniversary and called for the immediate release of the Cuban anti-terrorists imprisoned in US jails precisely for fighting against that scourge.

Leal, who is also Deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP, for its initials in Spanish) was accompanied as well by diplomats of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations and Solidarity Groups that support the cause of the largest island of the Antilles. All of them were wearing a yellow ribbon as a symbol of the yearned return of Fernando, Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio to their homeland.

The well-known Cuban intellectual left this morning for the Capital City of the United States to follow a series of presentations among which a similar remark stands out, which will be delivered at the Brookings Institute of that City.


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