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Press Release. Cuba is elected member of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations

Today, November 12, Cuba was elected member of the Human Rights Council for the term 2014 – 2016, by the General Assembly.

The election of Cuba constitutes a new recognition of the international community for the important attainments and the exemplary performance of the Cuban people for over five decades, in terms of protection and promotion of the human rights. It also confirms the international confidence on Cuba’s experience for the latter is a crucial player in strengthening the Council as a forum for authentic cooperation for the defense of all human rights for all, without selectivity or double standards.

This result recognizes the work of a Revolution that has assured full respect for the dignity of every Cuban; has placed social justice as the guiding principle of its programmes and policies; and has managed to share its humble progresses with other peoples worldwide as evidence of its genuine solidarity.

Cuba appreciates the support granted and accepts its responsibility as member of the Human Rights Council as of January 2014, with the ratification of its enduring commitment to the promotion and respect for the human rights. Cuba will continue to work on promoting the rights of peoples to self-determination, peace and development, for the realization of the right to food, for the establishment of a democratic and equitable international order, in the fight against racism, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination, for the realization of the cultural rights and respect for diversity. In sum, Cuba will work to ensure that the common goal of a world with all human rights for all turns into a reality rather than remaining a chimera.

Cuba was founding member of the Human Rights Council in 2006 and remained within the Organ until 2012. Pursuant to the provisions applicable to the membership of the Council – which provide that any State should spend at least a year away from its composition after two consecutive terms of office – Cuba has performed its duties during 2013 in its capacity as Observer State.


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