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Press Release. Cuba against Terrorism

New York, 8 April.- Cuba considers necessary to achieve the adoption of a general convention on international terrorism that includes a clear and comprehensive definition of this phenomenon and contributes to eliminate double standards and political motivations when facing terrorism at the international level.

In Cuba’s opinion, it is crucial that the draft general convention on international terrorism under negotiation does not exclude from its implementation scope, the terrorist activities perpetrated by States’ armed forces. The text shall also include a clear distinction between terrorism and the fight of the peoples in exercise of their right to free self-determination and independence and against foreign occupation.

Cuba unequivocally condemns all terrorist acts, methods and practices in all its forms and manifestations by whomever, against whomever and wherever committed; regardless of whatever motivations there might be, including those in which States are directly or indirectly involved.

Cuba is State party to14 international agreements on terrorism. It was the first country of the Caribbean sub-region to implement this action and it is among the most advanced countries on these issues in the region of Latin-American and the Caribbean.

Cuba strictly complies with the obligations deriving from Resolutions1267, 1373 and 1540 of the United Nations Security Council on this matter.

Cuba reaffirms that it has never allowed, nor will it allow the use of its territory to conduct, mastermind or finance terrorist acts against any other State.

Cuba categorically rejects the unilateral drafting by the United States of America of a list of States allegedly sponsoring terrorism and the inclusion of Cuba in such list. This is a spurious and politically-motivated practice.

Cuba holds a modern legislation on terrorism and a legal system enabling the prevention of terrorist acts, and the pursuit, suppression and penalties of those committing or involved in terrorist acts. 

Cuba supports bilateral cooperation to face international terrorism on the basis of mutual respect and sovereign equality of States. The United States deliberately ignores the proposal of a bilateral agreement for countering terrorism presented by Cuba in 2001, which was renewed in February 2012.


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