Embassy of Cuba in Malaysia
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Supported by the Technical Cooperation Program of Malaysia, from July the 27th. to 14 of August, the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations offer the training course “Strategic Analysis” for international participants. The Cuban official Claudio Monzon Baeza, desk officer of the Asia and Oceania Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba was one of the selected by the prestigious Malaysian institution to receive the training.
Different subjects from international right, negotiations in economic agreements, strategy for the relation with mass media, the national and international security, among others, were presented to the participants of diverse countries.
Also other activities were made as visits to centers related to these matters and tours to the States of Malaca and Johor Baru.
The Cuban Ambassador in Malaysia Rubén Perez Valdes was invited to the closing ceremony, in which have the opportunity to exchange with the Director of the Institute Data Hussin Nayan and specialy with the recently appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dato Sri Reezal Merican bin Naina Merican, about the importance of these courses that the Technical Cooperation Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia offers within the framework of the South-South Cooperation and as it forms to disclose the culture and tradition of the country.

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