Embassy of Cuba in Ireland




The process of economic, social, political, ideological and cultural transformation started in Cuban in 1959 with the Triumph of the Revolution, immediately aroused the support of the peoples from Our America and the entire world. Likewise, the Revolution offered solidarity to all the corners of the world.

For more than 50 years, Cuba has endured the most powerful imperialist power known to mankind, which has pretended to subjugate the island through both, open and undercover military methods, and through the criminal blockade that has been enforced up to this date. Cuba knew as well how to resist the difficulties resulting from the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the socialist countries.

The peoples from the world, which know what the small, blockaded and threatened country is capable of giving and resisting, have stated their solidarity with Cuba to defend their own hope and come together, in all the continents and the International fora, to condemn the reactionary hostility against the Island, reject the inhumane blockade imposed by the United States and to offer support at difficult times. They come to Cuba to reaffirm their trust, to see for them selves the heroism of the masses and to proof that the propaganda broadcasted by the media transnational is lies.

The immediate release of the five Cuban antiterrorists incarcerated in US prison facilities since September 1998 is currently demanded in different parts of the world. Unprecedented demonstrations are taking place in front of US embassies to demand the end of the imprisonment of René González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and Antonio Guerrero, whose sole sin was to fight terrorism.

Fidel has stated that “…we understand what it would mean for all the progressive forces, the revolutionary forces, the peace-and-justice-loving forces from all over the world, if the imperialism managed to destroy the Cuban Revolution, and that is why we consider our most elemental and sacred duty to defend the Revolution even at the cost of live..”

5 Héroes