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Commemorated in Ireland anniversary of Fall in Combat of José martí
Monday, May 22, 2017

 Ireland, May 20, 2017. At a meeting at the Residence of the Cuban Embassy in Dublin, resident Cubans and their children paid tribute to National Hero Jose Marti on the 122nd anniversary of his fall in combat.
In the activity were offered Martians poems to the infants, who could also enjoy Cuban music, games and goodies.
The event was attended by Ambassador Hermes Herrera and Counsellor Ana Rosa Rojas.
In his visit to Cuba last February, the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins referred to the Cuban hero Jose Marti (1853-1895), who, while preparing the anti-colonial revolution in exile in New York, devoted time to the anthropological study of the Irish community, stood out representative figures of the independence movement of the European nation. (Embacuba Ireland)

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Cubans living in Ireland celebrate Inyternational Women´s Day
Monday, March 13, 2017

 Ireland, March 13, 2017. A Cuban party was held last Saturday on International Women's Day in Dublin, convened by the Resident Cuban Association "Ernesto Che Guevara" to celebrate the date, savor the Creole food and dance to late hours.
The President of the Association, Yordanka Leonard, host of the activity, thanked the presence of Ambassador Hermes Herrera and the Counselor Ana Rosa Rojas.
The singer Evelio Galán marveled at those present with his performance of the bolero "Perfidia" by Alberto Domínguez.
The Ambassador congratulated the women and recalled the role played by them in the development of society. (EMBACUBA IRELAND)

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Celebrated in Dublin 58th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution
Monday, January 16, 2017

Ireland, January 13, 2017. The 58th anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution was celebrated at a reception hosted by the embassy in the Mansion House. Dublin Mayor Brendan Carr highlighted the importance of the event and the  opening of a Book of Condolences in that institution in memory of the Historical Leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro.

For his part, Ambassador Hermes Herrera thanked the mayor for his gesture and President Michael D. Higgins for his emotional statements about the Cuban leader, stressed the positive links between the two countries and the possibilities for their development.

Among the guest Art O'Leary, Secretary General of the Presidency; Parliamentarians; The Americas director of the Foreign Department, deputy directors and officers thereof; businessmen; Political leaders, trade unionists and organizations of solidarity with Cuba; Intellectuals, academics and members of the Resident Cuban Association; as well as ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in this nation. (Cubaminrex-EmbacubaIreland)

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Ends The Cuban Film Festival Dublin 2016
Monday, June 6, 2016

 Ireland, June 6, 2016. Cuban Film Festival Dublin 2016, concluded after three days in The Ireland Institute of this city.

This second edition of the Festival included the presentation of the short The Last Days of Home, the animated The Moon in the Garden and length documentary Never ever Neverland. Among the fiction films The Beauty of the Alhambra, With you Bread and Onion and Boccacchios in Havana presented.

As part of the audience were present the deputy Maureen O'Sullivan, ambassadors and other members of the diplomatic corps, Cuban residents in Ireland and the staff of the Cuban mission.

Ambassador greeted those present and thanked all those who made possible the realization of this event and made a brief comment on the historical contexts of Never ever Neverland documentary and The Beauty of the Alhambra film. (Cubaminrex- EmbacubaIrlanda).

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Remembered in Dublin National Hero José Martí
Monday, May 16, 2016

 Ireland, 16 May 2016. Yesterday was remembered in Dublin the Cuban National Hero José Martí, in the 121 anniversary of his death in combat on May 19, 1895, with an activity in Cuban residence, where the children of Cuban residents, paid tribute to whom expressed: "children are the ones who know how to love, children are the hope of the world".

In the activity infants read poems of José Martí, held the wheel with the song "All children of the world" and made many ball games, bowling, putting the tail on the donkey, etc.

Much appreciated by children and parents were the shorts of ICAIC in homage to Marti: "Come my knight on this path" of Ulises de Jesus, "Nene Traviesa" of Alexander Rodriguez and "Knowing Martí" by Ernesto Padrón.

The activity was timed to coincide with the celebration of May 15, International Day of Families, proclaimed by the UN since 1994, so the family also enjoyed a very special Sunday.

Ambassador Hermes Herrera and the Counsellor Ana Rosa Rojas were present in the occasion. (Cubaminrex- Embacuba Ireland)

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Celebration in Dublin the start of the Seventh Party Congress and the 55 th anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón
Monday, April 18, 2016

 Ireland, April 18, 2016. On the evening of Saturday 16th a friendly meeting took place at the residence of Cuba in Ireland for the 55th Anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón, the declaration of the socialist character of the Revolution and the beginning of the VII Congress Party.

Representatives of different groups of solidarity with Cuba in Ireland and of the political forces that jointly support the cause of the Cuban Revolution, including: Eugene Mc Cartan, Secretary General of the Communist Party of Ireland; Seán Crowe, deputy and Sinn Fein Party spokesman for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Defence in the Irish Parliament; Frank Connolly, director of Communications of SIPTU, representing Jack O'Connor, General President of this important union; Simon McGuinness, National Coordinator of Cuba Support Group; Jack McGinley, president of SIPTU Solidarity with Cuba Forum; Marie Barry, president of the Irish Committee for the Campaign for the Release of the Five ; the Ambassador of Palestine in Ireland and  board members of the Association of Cuban Residents in Ireland "Ernesto Che Guevara".

Ambassador Hermes Herrera stressed the importance of events that celebrate this meeting and the continuation of solidarity with Cuba in the new circumstances in the country with the updating of its economic model, the beginning of a process towards normalization of relations with the US and the persistence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade for over half a century arbitrarily set by the US government. (CUBAMINREX- EMBACUBAIRLANDA)

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Children´s party for the Cuban Culture Day
Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ireland, 24 October 2015. A children's party was organized to celebrate the Day of Cuban Culture with the children of Cubans resident in Ireland. .

The activity took place on the City Wall Space, Wood Quay, Dublin, one of the largest Viking settlements in the city where is possible to appreciate some archaeological finds.
In the activity, the infants were treated to videos of nursery rhymes and playing games, as well as gifts and goodies for participants. (Cubaminrex Embacuba Irlanda)

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Concert in Dublin on Culture Day
Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ireland, 26 October 2015. With excellent traditional and popular Cuban dance music by the lively Chakao Group in the City Wall Space, beautiful stage set on Dublin Viking ruins the concert took place. The enthusiastic dancers asked several new pieces at the end.

This event was part of the celebration of the Day of Cuban Culture and was sponsored by the Dublin City Council.

Among those present were the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Criona Ní Dhálaigh; Deputy Aengus Ó Snodalgh; SIPTU union president, Jack O'Connor; Deputy Chief of Protocol of the DFA / Trade; Bolivian guitarist Piral Vaca; the Irish poet Ronan Sheehan, among other personalities from politics and culture with Latin American diplomats, Cuban residents and staff of the Cuban Mission.

In his introductory words Ambassador Hermes Herrera highlights the presence of the Lord Mayor, thanked everyone for their presence and spoke on the traditional and popular music to play by the group.(Cubaminrex-EmbaCubaIrlanda)


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Celebrated 55 th anniversary of the CDR in Dublin
Friday, October 2, 2015

 Ireland, 28 September 2015. The 55 th Anniverssary of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) was held at the Ambassadors´s Residence in Dublin. Spontaneously Cubans residents and Irish friends celebrated around the "caldosa" soupy, this new anniversary of the largest mass organization in Cuba with 8,500,000 CDR members grouped in over 136,000 CDR. (Cubaminrex-EmbacubaIrlanda)

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Irtish Salsa Congress
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

 Irelanda, June 23, 2015. On Saturday the Ambassador Hermes Herrera and his wife participated in the Irish Salsa Congress, held in Maynooth, a town in County Kildare. This town is one of the leading academis centers in Ireland, with two centers of higher education: University of St. Patrick, founded by King George III of England in 1795 and the National Univewrsity of Ireland (NUI) created in 1995.

The Ambassador, addressing the audience, after thanking the invitation to this event on its tenth anniversary, referred to the roots of salsa which are linked to Cuban music and its various variants. Finally, he wished them success to the organizers and expressed his aspirations  to continue reaping the salsa followers in Ireland. At the congress attended many visitors from Canada, United Kingdom and other countries and Cuban residents in Ireland. (Cubaminrex-Embacuba Irlanda)

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