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Director of South - South Technical Cooperation NAM Centre in Indonesia thanks Cuba´s support .
Monday, February 03, 2014

Director of South - South Technical Cooperation NAM Centre in Indonesia thanks Cuba´s support . Jakarta February 3, 2014 . In meeting chaired by H.E. Ms. Linggawati Hakim , Director of South-South Technical Cooperation Center ( CSSTC ) of the Non-Aligned Movement based in Indonesia, she thanked the invaluable contribution of Cuba to the work of the CSSTC as well as the continued support within the Governing Council which also represents the Latin American region since the beginning of this body in 2011. She said the center has sponsored various programs for the exchange of experiences among NAM member countries, by organizing training courses , workshops and other programs of different format , in order to encourage South - South cooperation. Cuba has had a significant contribution in the areas of health and energy. The Cuban diplomat meanwhile ratified the principled position of his country and the similarities with Indonesia in providing technical expertise to countries of the Third World and the decision to continue to support the celebration of different programs that provide access to best practice that encourage its development . At the meeting were present Ambassador , Enna Viant representative of Cuba in the Council as well as the Heads of Missions in South Africa and Brunei. Read More...

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Celebrated Cuban National Hero´s birth and Second Summit of Latin American and Caribbean States, in Jakarta
Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jakarta January 28, 2014. The holding of the Summit of Latin American and Caribbean States which takes place in Havana from 25 to 29 January 2014 , was warmly welcomed by the heads of diplomatic missions and officials from the Latin American and Caribbean group accredited in Jakarta , who supported their presence at the political cultural evening organized by the Embassy of Cuba . The Ambassador Enna Viant highlighted the multiple meanings of January month, stressing the historical significance of the 55th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and its more than 100 years of struggle , denouncing the illegal and unjust economic blockade which has caused extensive damage but has not broken the will of the leadershi to build a better world for ìts people and its determination to make the socialist economic model more efficient.She highlighted the inauguration of the Port of Mariel as an example of solidarity and complementarity relations between Brazil and Cuba Similarly the Cuban diplomat recalled the 161 birth anniversary of national hero Jose Marti ,the most universal of all Cubans who summarized and represented the patriotic heritage of its predecessors, contributing to the consolidation of the Cuban nation . Marti said the Caribbean diplomatic, won a place in history and the Revolution of which he was the mastermind . His idea on Latin American spirit took shape with the creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States , CELAC , coordination mechanism celebrating their second Summit in Havana under the presidency of Cuba , an example has shown the need to strengthen the unity between the peoples of America and has been under the idea "for peace , justice , sustainable development and understanding of our peoples." Meanwhile Chargé a.i. of Venezuela Embassy intervened to highlight efforts and active participation of Fidel Castro and the late President Hugo Chavez in the materialization of CELAC along with Read More...

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The 55th anniversary of the victory of the revolution and 54 of establishment of diplomatic relations were celebrated in Indonesia.
Friday, January 24, 2014

The 55th anniversary of the victory of the revolution and 54 of establishment of diplomatic relations were celebrated in Indonesia. Jakarta January 22, 2014 . The embassy of Cuba in Indonesia celebrated in a friendly and cordial gathering the 55 Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution and the 54 of the establishment of diplomatic relations. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mr. Wardana, chaired the meeting, which was also honored with the presence of senior officials of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, including Director General of Treaty and Legal Affairs and Director of South Centre - South Technical Cooperation of Non Aligned Movement, Linnggawati H.E. Ms. Hakim and Interregional Cooperation Director Ms. Dewi Kusumastiuti . The Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant Valdes, expressed her joy at the conjunction of several anniversaries of deep significance in the month of January for both countries and referred to the mark of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution to its people and Latin America, whose 55th anniversary is celebrated with various activities along the island and the world. She gave an overview of the process of updating the economic model and the multiplier effect in the near future with the opening of the first sector of operations at Mariel Port in the Special Zone of economic development created for this purpose . Later on she also explained that the policy of the Cuban government to establish relations with the world including Indonesia, in the Southeast Asia has had positive results in the past 54 years which it has been developed diverse bilateral cooperation projects and multilateral relations based on friendship and brotherhood between the two peoples . For his part, Deputy Minister H.E. Mr. Wardana acknowledged the fruitful collaboration of the government of Cuba and hoped to expand and renew relationships in different areas according to the potential of both countries and the community of interests in the bilateral and Read More...

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Yellow ribbons adorn the Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia for the Five.
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jakarta September 12, 2013. - Various activities were conducted by the Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia on the occasion of the celebration of the global campaign to support the release of the Cuban five who have suffered unfair and unlawful confinement in U.S. prisons. over the past 15 years. The grounds and rooms of the diplomatic mission, were decked with yellow floral ornaments and ribbons, like the participants, representing solidarity with the Cuban people's desire and relatives of René, Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando and Ramón to have them back home.
The college auditorium was informed about the activities held throughout the island of Cuba, highlighting the fact that the top leader President Raul Castro attended the cultural gala dedicated to the 5, with the top leadership of the country. Similarly Cuban Ambassador elaborated on the historical context of the graphical information contained in the cartoons of Gerardo Nordelo and stressed at other times the global outcry in different parts of the world, defending the freedom of the 5.
Given a motivated university auditorium, the Cuban Ambassador explained in detail the meaning of humor as an effective weapon to express the principles and dignity of the resistance of Gerardo Hernandez and his four brothers, punished by life imprisonment sentence and unreasonable long years of unjust sentences. Finally was underlined the firmness, innocence and ideals of these young fighters for a just cause against terrorism.
Embassy of Cuba.

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The Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia joins the global solidarity campaign in support of the Five Heroes.
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jakarta September 12, 2013. - As part of activities in support of the campaign of solidarity with the five Cuban heroes, took place at the Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia a cultural evening, which included the participation of university students and representatives of Indonesian institutions.
The halls of the embassy was the scene of allegorical images exhibits the Cuban Five, as well as samples of the cartoons made by one prisoner Gerardo Hernandez, during the 15 years of unjust imprisonment in U.S. jail, and several documentaries were presented.
Samples stirred up the interest of the participants, who enjoyed the song "Tie a yellow ribbon to the old oak tree" symbol message of love directed to the north American people to raise the awareness among them who must know that the Cuban people are waiting for the return home of four of their sons, imprisoned in the United States."
Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant Valdes allude to the call of the National Assembly of the People Power of last July 6, 2013 and made a presentation on the significance of the campaign conducted worldwide and particularly by the friends of Cuba within the U.S. territory, which show that the Caribbean island is not a military threat for US, either the five Cubans did any act of espionage. Various issues relating to the five and Cuba's foreign policy were discussed by those present, including key aspects of the manipulated and protracted process.

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