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Indonesian women members of the Parliament meet foreign Ambassadors
Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jakarta February 9, 2015. The headquarters of the Indonesian Parliament welcomed ambassadors from different countries accredited in Jakarta such as Armenia, Cuba, Mexico, Mongolia, Romania, and the Chargé d'Affaires of Lebanon, to discuss issues related to the empowerment of women and their visibility in society. The host of the meeting, Ms. Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Women Parliamentarians of the International Parliamentary Union and Vice-Chairman for the Parliamentary Cooperation Defence, Foreign Affairs and Information, was accompanied by other Indonesian parliamentary linked to the political and business sector. As result of the meeting will be organized a workshop in Jakarta, which will be invited women parliamentarians from different friendly countries . In cordial exchange with Cuban Ambassador and the Honorable MP N.A. Assegaf, was evaluated the development of the Cuban economic model and the benefits of the new law investments, which opens wide opportunities for perspective plans of the country in which the participation of women is essential therefore represents 66 % of skilled technical and professional work. Ms. Assegaf updated on the status of women in her country and became interested in the role played by women in Cuban society, vowing to further fruitful exchanges as a contribution to the development of people-to-people links and between the legislative institutions of Cuba and Indonesia. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Cuban Foreign Minister sends congratulatory message to Indonesian counterpart on the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations.
Friday, January 30, 2015

Jakarta 29 January 2015. On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Indonesia, Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant, delivered a message from the Cuban Foreign Minister Hon. Bruno Rodriguez to his Indonesian counterpart H.E Mrs. Retno Marsudi. The letter reiterates the desire to deepen and broaden the historical ties of friendship between the two countries. As part of the significant date celebrations, a warm and friendly meeting in which participated the Deputy Minister Mohammad Abdurrachman Fachir and other senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place. H.E. Mr. Mohammad Fachir welcomed the initiative of the Cuban embassy and congratulated the opportunity to remember such an important milestone in the annals of history forged by respective leaders and peoples. During the meeting the positive balance of bilateral relations and future plans to enlarge, through the exchange of delegations, the dialogue and realization of new areas of mutually beneficial cooperation was found. Similarly M. Fachir sent greeting and considered as an important step the announcement of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States . Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Cuban Ambassador, Special guest in opening ceremony of the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations Cuba - Indonesia.
Friday, January 30, 2015

Jakarta 26 January 2015. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition of paintings and photos to mark the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Indonesia, the Cuban Ambassador exchanged with local media about the significance of the date and highlighted the progress of bilateral relations covering different areas of cooperation such as health, sports, education, culture, science and commerce. The latter shows increases but still limited by the economic, financial and commercial blockade that has affected Cuba for over 5 decades despite strong international opposition to this unfair practice. She thanked however the position of the Government of Indonesia to support the Cuban resolution approved by the General Assembly of United Nations Organization. The Cuban diplomat assessed the importance of international solidarity with the indomitable small Caribbean island and the relations of cooperation and integration emerged in the new context of Latin America, through various regional organizations, one of which, the Community of Latin-American States, CELAC, will hold its third summit in San Jose, Costa Rica on 27 and 28 January 2015. Talking about the historic date of January 28, the Ambassador mentioned the birthday of the Cuban National Hero Jose Marti, and his long vision of the future when it called the continent Our America as well as his sense of unity and independence from the Rio Bravo till the Patagonia. She praised the work of Indonesian friends for informing to their people the achievements of Cuba in the socio-economic grounds, science and culture and its contribution to the subject of international cooperation. She also invited the audience to participate in the Regional Meeting of solidarity and friendship with Cuba to be held this year in Vietnam. The Ambassador highly appreciated the contribution of Cubans to the brotherhood between the Indonesian and Cuban peoples through the inclusion in the sample exhibited, of 5 winner Read More...

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The 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations Cuba – Indonesia was celebrated by friends of Cuba in Jakarta.
Friday, January 30, 2015

Jakarta 26 January 2015. With a large attendance of about a hundred of people, members of the Association of Friendship Indonesia - Cuba (AFIC) in coordination with the Cuban Embassy, opened an exhibition of paintings and historical photos which collected significant milestones of diplomatic relations between the two countries established after the first visit of Indonesian President Soekarno. Dr. Samsuridjal, President of the AAIC welcomed the presence of Cuban doctors during 2004 and 2006 as a result of natural disasters in Indonesia and stressed the importance of woven ties in an atmosphere of brotherhood and cooperation by creating new foundations for the improvement of friendly relations and strengthening bilateral relations. For his part, Director of South America and Caribbean Affairs at the Chancery, Mr. Musthofa Taufic highlighted points of coincidence between Cuba and Indonesia in the Non-Aligned Movement, the Cooperation Forum por Latin America and East Asia and the Group of 77 that have characterized a period of fruitful exchange. The achievements of Cuba for more than 5 decades were highlighted by the Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant V. in her speech, stressing the gradual progress of the exchange in branches such as health, sports, education and science. Indonesian and Cuban Dances and Music performed by children of primary school and a Cuban resident artist, encouraged the show presentation which was also enjoyed by ambassadors and other diplomats from Ibero Latin American and Caribbean Group who were present at the event, along with officials from the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta, friends and families of the Indonesian students currently studying in Cuban universities. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Celebrating the 56th anniversary of the Revolution and return of five heroes. friends of Cuba in Indonesia
Sunday, January 04, 2015

Jakarta, 29 December 2014.- In warm cultural evening friends of Cuba in Indonesia celebrated the 56th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the emotional homecoming of Gerardo, Ramón and Tony. On that occasion was presented the recording concert of the famous singer Silvio Rodriguez in Havana neighborhood, next to the Cuban Five. In a pleasant chat, Cuban ambassador at another moment offered details on Cuba's economic performance during the ending year, during which the gross domestic product increased by 1.3% with flattering prospects of a 4% growth in 2015, rigged a positive process in which one advances in the decentralization of ministries to enterprises, reactivation of productive sectors, strengthening the fiscal sector, energy efficiency and investments in infrastructure without neglecting the gains in social services education health that have remained, all of which is in line with the continued progress of the implementation process of the socio-economic guidelines. The announcement of the restoration of diplomatic relations with the US was recognized by participants as an important step that opens a new era in relations between the two neighboring countries and was greeted positively the willingness of Cuba to continue cooperating in the multilateral field and to establish a dialogue on issues of common interest while respecting differences and the letter of the United Nations. Thus the scenario will move towards the normalization of bilateral relations. An enthusiastic group of friends composed of representatives of college students along with directors of the Association of Friendship and Cubans residents supported their participation in next solidarity event of Asian region with Cuba in Hanoi, and made vows of peace, prosperity and stable economic development for the people of Cuba. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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