Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia
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Exchanged held in Jakarta on culture and tourism in Cuba

Indonesia, April 29 2016. A lively debate on Cuban culture and tourism was developed at the Atma Jaya University in this capital under the panel " Borderless Culture ", in which the Ambassador of the island Nirsia Castro Guevara offered a talk about the Cuban culture, their roots, development and encouraged received this since the triumph of the Revolution in January 1959, when conditions were created to ensure access for all to the general and artistic education.

Referring to the different expressions of art Cuban diplomatic noted that although there is a flowering of all the arts, music is the most powerful and most identifies the character of the Cubans. Both become essential attractive for tourists visiting the country every year. Later, the diplomat said that Cuba, by hosting on its soil thousands of students from different latitudes and send employees to other countries, has helped to spread the humanist culture that promotes the Revolution and at the same time has been influenced life social of these peoples.

Participated in the dialogue students from Atma Jaya University, professors of high center of studies and invited teachers and students from others universities. (Cubaminrex-Embacuba Indonesia)


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