Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia
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Indonesian students interested in learning about Cuba and bilateral relations

Indonesia, March 21, 2016. In the morning a group of the 37 Students of Senior High School visited the Cuban Diplomatic Mission to learn about the country and the relation with Indonesia.

During the meeting was remembered the historic visit of President Sukarno to Havana on January 22, 1960, which marked the beginning of bilateral relations and other important moments of the relationship between the two countries as the two Cuban medical brigades who traveled to Indonesia to provide assistance after natural disasters in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Young people were also interested in student exchanges between the two countries and cooperation projects, as well as the Cuban reality.

In recent months the number of students who have visited the Embassy to inquire about Cuba and bilateral relations has increased. These actions constitute a space to promote the reality of our country and strengthen our relationships with student centers in Jakarta.

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