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Cuban Ambassador met Deputy Governor of Jakarta.
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jakarta June 25, 2014. The. Governor of Jakarta Provincial Government Mr. Basuki Purnama Tjahaja received the Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant Valdes at his office in the center of the capital, Jakarta Pusat. Mr. Basuki briefed the diplomatic on priority capital projects and the challenges that must be overcome for the fulfillment of development plans in the areas of urban planning, infrastructure and other socials. Meanwhile the Cuban Ambassador welcomed the invitation to the ceremony commemorating the 487 anniversary of the city of Jakarta which took place on the eve and the opportunity to discuss achievements in various areas including health, epidemiological experience to fight against dengue and malaria, education and sports during the 54 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Cuba as well as cooperation plans in the near future. She also recalled the position of Indonesia to support UNGA resolution calling an end to the economic blockade, and referred the positive environment and future vision of the development of the island engaged in updating its economic model. In that sense it was explained the scope of the recent adoption of the new foreign investment law that provides facilities to businessmen decided to invest in the island. Other topics of concern were the potential ties in tourism and fishery . The courtesy visit took place in a relaxed atmosphere and friendly occasion that was exploited to invite Indonesian businesses men to participate at the edition of FIHAV2014. Read More...

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Friends greet success in Indonesia in support of Jouney for the Cuban Five
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jakarta June 11, 2014 -. The cause of the Cuban Five found positive response in members of the Friendship Association Indonesia - Cuba (AAIC), sectors of Cuban residents and universitary students. With the enthusiastic participation of representatives of the Faculty of Socio-Political Study from universities in the capital, the AAIC and Cuban residents was opened in the embassy an poster exhibition entitled "Enough of injustice, Freedom Now" as well as a sample of photographies under the title "We want you at home" that collect relevant pronouncements of leading figures from the political, religious, academic and artists in the U.S. areas, who report violations in the rigged trial of the Five and similarly a sequence of family photos of five demanding the return of those are still separated. The Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant V. inaugurated the event highlighted the significant fact that the day begins with arbitrarily imprisoned 49 birthday Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo by Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labanino wrongful convictions continue to suffer despite the claim of academics, unionists, parliamentarians, writers, artists and friends around the world. At another time she offered an overview of the dissimilar activities undertaken during the program developed in the event U.S. Capital, Washington DC from 4 to 11 June, with the active participation of friends from over 40 countries in Latin America, Caribbean and Canada aimed at increasing pressure on the Obama Administration in order that a definitive solution to the case is found and 3 release Cuban prisoners who remain for more than 15 years. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Represented Cuba in forum on South - South cooperation held in Indonesia.
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jakarta June 12, 2014 -. In partnership with various organizations such as the South-South Technical Cooperation of Nonaligned Movement Center (NAM CSSTC) UNDP, ASEAN Foundation, the Ministry of National Development and Planning (BAPPENAS) and the Programme for Strengthening the Provincial Government and other national and international organizations, was held in Jakarta for two days the ASEAN Forum on South - South and triangular cooperation, with the theme "Building capacity for countries of the South through the exchange of knowledge and skills. " Enna Viant Valdes Ambassador, presided over the opening ceremony representing Cuba as a Member of the Board of Governors in CSSTC. Similarly attended the meeting Ms. Elaine Tan, Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation; Beate Trankman, UNDP Country Director and Deputy BAPPENAS, Dr. Ir Imron Bulkin. Cuba has been active in supporting South-South cooperation and the transfer of their experiences on various issues related to community development including energy and health. This time the project was developed aimed at achieving regional integration and strengthening the connection of the Indonesian provinces with ASEAN through the effective use of cooperation on issues such as agriculture, tourism and disaster management. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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New ways to strengthen the exchange between Cuba and Indonesia.
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jakarta June 18, 2014 -. The Cuban Ambassador to Indonesia received Mr. Yusral Tahir, Director for Bilateral Cooperation of the Centre for International Cooperation, relieving to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, in order to discuss issues related to new avenues aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries in this area. The Cuban diplomat updated on the transformation of agriculture in the Caribbean island in relation to the updating of the Cuban economic model, which opens creative ways of exchange. At that time she was conveyed the invitation to an Indonesian businessmen delegation to participate in Havana Trade Fair to be held in November 2014, gesture that was welcomed by the Indonesian representative. The meeting was held in a cordial and friendship atmosphere during which it have been discussed issues related to the future signing of agreements between the respective Ministries of Agriculture of Cuba and Indonesia what will be an overpass in the diversification of forms of mutually beneficial exchange and cooperation. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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The birthday of Antonio Maceo and Che Guevara was commemorated in Indonesia.
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jakarta June 11, 2014 - At the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy has taken place a cultural evening on the occasion of the birth of two beloved and revered heroes by the people of Cuba. Antonio Maceo and Ernesto Che Guevara. The first one known as the Bronze Titan has leaded exceptional battles fighting for the independence of Cuba against Spanish colonialism. The second, Granma expeditionary, hero of the Sierra Maestra Mountains, took several responsibilities at the Cuban government till his departure to other lands of the world in pursuit of justice and building a better world for all. An interactive panel was organized with the presentation of papers and speeches of the Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant V., members of Indonesia Friendship Association - Cuba, college students and participation of Cuban residents, to highlight different aspects of the work and life of these two men of thought and revolutionary action. The cultural evening ceremony was closed with the presentation of the documentary "Until victory always". Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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