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Celebrating the 56th anniversary of the Revolution and return of five heroes. friends of Cuba in Indonesia
Sunday, January 04, 2015

Jakarta, 29 December 2014.- In warm cultural evening friends of Cuba in Indonesia celebrated the 56th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the emotional homecoming of Gerardo, Ramón and Tony. On that occasion was presented the recording concert of the famous singer Silvio Rodriguez in Havana neighborhood, next to the Cuban Five. In a pleasant chat, Cuban ambassador at another moment offered details on Cuba's economic performance during the ending year, during which the gross domestic product increased by 1.3% with flattering prospects of a 4% growth in 2015, rigged a positive process in which one advances in the decentralization of ministries to enterprises, reactivation of productive sectors, strengthening the fiscal sector, energy efficiency and investments in infrastructure without neglecting the gains in social services education health that have remained, all of which is in line with the continued progress of the implementation process of the socio-economic guidelines. The announcement of the restoration of diplomatic relations with the US was recognized by participants as an important step that opens a new era in relations between the two neighboring countries and was greeted positively the willingness of Cuba to continue cooperating in the multilateral field and to establish a dialogue on issues of common interest while respecting differences and the letter of the United Nations. Thus the scenario will move towards the normalization of bilateral relations. An enthusiastic group of friends composed of representatives of college students along with directors of the Association of Friendship and Cubans residents supported their participation in next solidarity event of Asian region with Cuba in Hanoi, and made vows of peace, prosperity and stable economic development for the people of Cuba. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Cuba's friends in Indonesia recognized the friendship association work during 2014.
Sunday, January 04, 2015

Jakarta, 22 December 2014.- A successful balance of work during the present year 2014 was conducted by the President of Indonesia Cuba Friendship Association, Dr. S. Djauzi, timely occasion where also were drawn the perspectives for 2015. The Cuban ambassador gave a lecture on the development of the Cuban economy according to information from the IV Regular Session of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly and the process that led to the release of 3 of the 5 heroes unjustly imprisoned in EEU, and the announcement of the restoration of Cuba -US relations. The President was interested in the development of Indonesian scholars studying in Cuba and praised the recognition of Cuban medicine in the world, example of which constitutes the outstanding work of the contingent of Cuban doctors waging the battle against ebola in several African countries, gesture reviewed by WHO and the United Nations Secretary General Hon. Mr. Ban Ki Moon. Finally he was enthusiastic about the celebration of 57th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and 55 of the establishment of diplomatic relations Cuba – Indonesia. Both events will take place in the coming year. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs receives ambassadors accredited to Jakarta.
Sunday, January 04, 2015

Jakarta, 18 December 2014.- The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Retno Marsudi hosted a reception to the diplomatic corps at the Pancasila Room one of the official Protocol salons at the Chancery. In her speech it was summed up the intense activity of the President since he assumed official duties last October 20 of this year, highlighting the participation in 6 summits and other international events, which confirms the commitment of the president to give continuity to the Indonesia active foreign policy at the regional and global levels. The Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant V. welcomed the remarks by Ms. Marsudi who thanked the congratulatory message sent by his Cuban counterpart His Excellency Bruno Rodriguez the Chancellor and expressed the desire to visit Cuba when her schedule allow to do it. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Indonesian President receives Ambassadors.
Sunday, January 04, 2015

Jakarta, 15 December 2014.- The Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who officially took up his post last October 20, received resident ambassadors accredited, at the government palace in Jakarta. During the cordial meeting the president informed on the works done by the new cabinet during the first two months after being nominated and he was interested in bilateral relations of each of the respective countries. Regarding this issue he kept separated exchanges with the participant Heads of Missions on the development of future lines of bilateral work. The ambassadors of Armenia, Cuba, Finland, Mongolia, Romania, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe were present at the meeting as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mrs. Retno Marsudi and the President of PDI - P (Democratic Party of Struggle), Hon Megawati Sukarnoputri. Embassy of Cuba Read More...

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Cuban culture Day celebrated in Indonesia.
Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jakarta, October 19 2014.- A group of enthusiastic universitary students and friends celebrated the Day of Cuban culture at the Embassy in this capital and enjoyed the screening of various documentaries on the socio economic and cultural develop in the Caribbean island. Cuban ambassador gave a lecture on the roots that nurtured and contributed to the formation process of culture and national identity emphasizing the influence of the original indigenous people, Spanish colonization and African roots. The latter two have the greatest impact on the folk traditions, religion and culture. In her presentation, she summarized the history of Cuba and particularly the work of Cuban poet and patriot Pedro Figueredo composer of the melody and lyrics of the national anthem in the second decade of the nineteenth century, in the heat of the War of the ten years, that marked the beginning of the wars of independence against Spanish colonialism. So the national anthem was sung in public for the first time in the city of Bayamo on 20 October 1868 and therefore Cubans commemorate that date as Day of Cuban Culture. Finally, she emphasized the significance of the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959 and the qualitative change produced by socialization and universalization of knowledge by creating art schools and institutions aimed at bringing high values of the national culture. Did not go unnoticed that these efforts have been affected by more than half a century of unjust blockade that has hampered economic development in all areas, including culture. Cuban artists have been deprive of receiving awards in American territory under the pretext among other affectations and therefore, said the diplomat, the 28th of October once again will be voted on the resolution "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade of United States against Cuba" which will receive the traditional support of the international community of country members Read More...

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