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Cuban Ambassador invited special by University of Indonesia

Jakarta 6 March 2015.- The Indonesian Public Health Association and the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia Invited the Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant as a special lecturer on the Cuban experience in dengue control, and best practices in their eradication. At this occasion were highlighted the outstanding achievements in scientific research, with closed loop cycle research-development-production and marketing which has ensured a solid foundation and results based on the solution of the health needs of Cuban society. For his part, Prof. Dr. Samsuridjal Djauzi, President of Indonesia Cuba Friendship Association made an introduction of the topic Cooperation between Indonesia and Cuba in the areas of health and education as well as prospects of those links. The audience of over 250 students, lecturers, academics, officials from the Ministries of Agriculture and Health at the central body, Depok area health workers, where is located the higher education center, maintained an active exchange in which were highlighted the comprehensive programs conducted by the Cuban government, the use of biological products Bactivec and Griselef developed by the Cuban Pharmaceutical laboratory LABIOFAM and effective programs implemented in Cuba and 40 other countries from different continents added to the effort aimed to find a vaccine now in clinic trial phase. Finally the Cuban ambassador stressed the importance of participation and commitment of the entire society and its institutions in achieving and mobilizing people in support of state policies for fightimng against the epidemic caused by dengue fever. Also among the participants were journalists from several local media who reported positively the conference and conclusions of Dr. Djauzi in the sense that the Cuban experience, small country with limited resources, should be studied and followed in Indonesia. Embassy of Cuba
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