Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia
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Cuban Ambassadress gave a lecture on actuality in Cuba celebrated the anniversary of Giron Victory.

Jakarta April 29, 2015. An enthusiast group of friends of the Association of Friendship Indonesia Cuba, university students, businessmen and Cuban residents attended the lecture given by the Cuban Ambassadress and the debates on the Cuban actuality as well as economic performance reached at the end of 2014. The gathering in the diplomatic mission of Cuba in Jakarta, also was a propitious occasion to remember the 54 anniversary of the first military defeat of the North American imperialism in Latin America. An opened exchange took place on the role played by Cuba in the Latin American region, the international collaboration that is big enough in the world, its praiseworthy work in the struggle against the cholera in Haiti and more recent in the combat against the ébola in Africa with the medical Contingent Henry Reeve operating in emergent situations of disaster, while were welcomed favourably the steps taken by the Cuban government in updating its economic model and the significance of the announcement of the reestablishment of the diplomatic relations between the governments of Cuba and the United States, and the them the rectification of the President Obama of eliminating the Caribbean island from the list of terrorist countries where Cuba must never be included. The Ambassadress concluded by mentioning the efforts of the Cuban government in the tribune of United Nations Organization the in favour of disarmament and peace. Embassy of Cuba
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