Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia
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Exchanged about Business Opportunities in Cuba

Indonesia, August 20, 2016. The Embassy of Cuba introduced the Guide of Business Opportunities in the island during a business seminar held in the city of Bandung among entrepreneurs and local authorities for one side and representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean for the other side.

The representative from the Cuban Embassy in this capital, Third Secretary Michael González Castro, spoke about the investment opportunities offered by the Special Area of Development of Mariel, the Cuba's interest in exporting products of the biotechnology industry and Medical Services, the existent potential in the tourism industry for investment and the development of joint projects, all of which was supported with images on those topics. The representatives of the other countries of the region present as well the areas of interest for trade and investment in their respective nations.

The business meeting, which was opened by the Mayor of the city Ridwan Kamil, aroused the interest of the entrepreneurs in the area and allowed to increase the awareness of exchange opportunities with Cuba and the other countries represented there.

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