Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia
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Cuba participates in the working meeting between Iberoamerican Consuls Group and the Immigration authorities of South Jakarta

Indonesia, June 13, 2016. In the morning the Third Secretary and head of the Consular Office of the Cuban Embassy Michael Gonzalez Castro, participated in the working meeting between the Head of the Special First Class Immigration Office of South Jakarta Cucu Koswala, and the Iberoamerican Consuls Group in this capital.

On the diplomatic side also participated the Consuls of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru, while the Indonesian side was also represented by members of the various departments of the Immigration authority. The main objective of the meeting was to analyze and clarify details about the current state of immigration policy that is running the country and a new set of measures and actions being carried out by immigration authorities along with the police, associated to the elimination of visa requirements for the entry to Indonesia of citizens from a wide group of countries, which entered into force in early 2016, among which is Cuba. They also discussed other legal and mutual interest issues.

This meeting is a step forward in communication and strengthening ties with the Immigration authorities of the region, which has a positive effect on improving the work with the community of Cuban Residents in the country.

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