Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia
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The Cuban Embassy in Indonesia celebrate the 163rd Anniversary of the Birthday of José Martí

INDONESIA, January 28, 2016. The Cuban Embassy in Indonesia held in the afternoon the Anniversary 163 of the Birth of José Martí, in the company of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, members of the Association of Friendship and college students of International Relations and Political Science, among other profiles.

During the evening the Ambassador Nirsia Castro reviewed details of the life of the Apostle, their influence on the revolutionary process and the transcendence and validity of his thinking.

The meeting served as a preamble to a series of actions to disseminate the Cuban reality and the history of relations with Indonesia through conferences and meetings with universities in the nation's capital.

Participants were also interested in the process of normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, the update of the Cuban economic model and the position of our country in Latin America and the Caribbean. (Cubaminrex / Embacuba Indonesia)

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