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Homage rendered to Commander Camilo Cienfuegos in Grenada
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

St. George’s, October 28, 2015.- A well deserved tribute was paid to Commander Camilo Cienfuegos at the 56th anniversary of his physical disappearance, in the waters that bathe the coast of St. George, in keeping with the patriotic tradition of the Cuban people of throwing flowers in the sea in his remembrance; an initiative which was started 55 years ago by Commander Ernesto Che Guevarra. Read More...

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Inauguration of Monument in honour of the Cuban Internationalists who died during the US Invasion of Grenada.
Monday, October 26, 2015

St. George’s, October 26, 2015. – On the morning of October 25, a monument was inaugurated in tribute to the twenty four (24) Cuban internationalists who died during the US invasion in Grenada thirty-two (32) years ago. The monument was constructed thanks to the efforts of friends in solidarity with Cuba. It was erected in the area of the airport known as “Sparrow Park”, where our colleagues met to read the letters from the fallen comrades’ families. Read More...

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Cubans partake in homage to fallen Grenadian soldiers during the US invasion of Grenada.
Sunday, October 25, 2015

St. George’s, October 25, 2015. – As is customary every 25th October, a tribute was held in the St. George’s cemetery for the group of Grenadian soldiers who died in combat during the US invasion of Grenada in October 1983. This solemn ceremony was attended by the Cuban Ambassador, María Caridad Balaguer Labrada, Yamil Martinez, an official of ICAP, as well as the president of the ACRG, Rosa Montejo, Cubans residing in Grenada and their families. Wreaths were laid by Cuban diplomats and Cuban residents before the monument perpetuating the memory of these fighters, as a symbol of the friendship between Cuba and Grenada. (The Cuban Embassy, Grenada) Read More...

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Yamil Martínez, an official of ICAP, carried out talks with representatives in solidarity with Cuba.
Saturday, October 24, 2015

St. George’s, October 24, 2015. –There was an exchange among the ICAP official, Yamil Martínez, the Cuban Ambassador, María Caridad Balaguer Labrada and representatives in solidarity with Cuba, at the Cuban Embassy in Grenada. Read More...

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The Cuban Ambassador imparted the main effects of the US Embargo against Cuba to the Grenadian Press.
Thursday, October 22, 2015

St. George’s, October 22, 2015. – The Cuban Ambassador in Grenada, María Caridad Balaguer Labrada, expounded the main aspects of the report presented by Cuba to the UN Secretary-General, under resolution 69/5 regarding the US blockade on Cuba, to the Grenadian Press, at a Press Conference held at the headquarters of the diplomatic mission. In her presentation, she stressed that despite the new stage in bilateral relations with the US, the recrudescence of the blockade still remains, particularly the persecution of Cuba's international, financial transactions with the imposition of heavy fines against banks and financial institutions. She also made mention of the major constraints facing our country as a result of the implementation of this unjust measure. However, she said that President Obama has ample opportunities to significantly modify the blockade through his executive powers, without recourse to the US Congress. She reiterated the importance of continuing to denounce the effects of the embargo in all possible scenarios. Moreover, she thanked Grenada and CARICOM for their position against this measure. She also noted the overwhelming support given to Cuba in the UN General Assembly regarding the voting on the resolution on the US embargo against Cuba, which will be presented again on October 27. Journalists from CC6 News, Now Grenada, MTV News and CARIBVISION were present. (The Cuban Embassy, Grenada) Read More...

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The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Grenada ratifies Grenada’s position on the US Blockade
Thursday, October 22, 2015

St. George´s, October 22, 2015. - The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, reaffirmed Grenada’s position on being in favour of the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial US blockade against Cuba, in a meeting held with the Cuban Ambassador, María Caridad Balaguer Labrada. Read More...

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“Cuban Culture Day” is celebrated in Grenada.
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

St. George’s, October 20, 2015.- The Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation, served as the venue for the politico-cultural evening organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in commemoration of Cuban Culture Day. The Ambassador, María Caridad Balaguer Labrada, highlighted the historical significance of this event for the Cuban people; a moment which not only marks the celebration of the 147th anniversary of the first singing of our glorious and militant National Anthem, but also the emergence of a rebellious nation with its own identity. Read More...

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The State Mission of Cuba pays tribute to Maurice Bishop and his companions.
Monday, October 19, 2015

St. George's, October 19, 2015.- A ceremony was held by the Foundation of the Family and Friends of the Martyrs of October 19 1983, to mark the 32th anniversary of the assassination of the former Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop and his companions at Fort George in St. George’s, where the unfortunate incident occurred. The ceremony was chaired by the Governor General of Grenada, Dame Cecile La Grenade and the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell. Several speakers, including relatives, representatives of social, religious and community organisations, recalled the transformative role of the government of Maurice Bishop. Therefore, they made a call to not forget our history, as well as to tell the new and upcoming generations about the major achievements attained during the revolutionary process led by Bishop. During his speech, Dr. Terrence Marryshow, a member of the Foundation, acknowledged the international solidarity of the Cuban government and people to the Grenadian revolution. He remembered the 24 Cuban workers who died in compliance with the sacred principle of internationalism during the US invasion on October 25, 1983. Flowers were laid in honour of the martyrs by the Governor General, Prime Minister, relatives and friends of the fallen, the Cuban Ambassador Maria Caridad Balaguer Labrada, the Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Guerrero Veloz, diplomats from both countries, as well as Cuban collaborators rendering their services to Grenada. (The Cuban Embassy, Grenada) Read More...

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Message of Greeting from the ACRG at the Second Regional Meeting
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Compatriots, members of the Association of Cuban Residents in Grenada, we celebrate with joy the realization of this regional meeting of Cubans living in Latin America and the Caribbean, convinced that the issues to be discussed and the final declaration and plan of action taken as a result of this event will demonstrate the infinite love and support of Cuban residing in this geographical region, for our beloved country. We are not able to be present at this event for different reasons, but we raise our voices through you, to demand the immediate lifting of the unjust economic, commercial and financial US blockade imposed on our heroic nation, the return of the territory illegally occupied by the Guantanamo Naval Base and the definitive cessation of subversive actions against our country, which are promoted and supported by the US government. We welcome the restoration of diplomatic relations with the United States and we advocate maintaining Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, as was agreed in the Second Summit of CELAC in Havana, Cuba. We acknowledge the work of the Organizing Committee and the Embassy of Cuba in Nicaragua for the success of this event and we take this opportunity to recognise the Cuban Collaborators for their outstanding and humane work carried out in these countries in the region. Association of Cuban Residents in Grenada. St. George's, October 14, 2015. Read More...

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Cubans in Grenada celebrated the 55th Anniversary of the Committees in Defense of the Cuban Revolution.
Saturday, October 3, 2015

St. George's, October 3, 2015.- In a family atmosphere characteristic of celebrations of CDRs in our country, Cubans living in Grenada, their families and personnel of the State Mission headed by the Cuban Ambassador, María Caridad Balaguer Labrada , celebrated the 55th anniversary of the largest mass organization in our country. Gustavo Aguinaga Linares, the Third Secretary and Head of Consular Affairs, highlighted the role of the CDRs in the defense of the Cuban Revolution and how their efficient work has been an important vehicle in the unity and consolidation of the Cuban society. Also highlighted was the outcome of the recent visit to the United States by President Raul Castro Ruz, who emphasized in his speeches at the United Nations General Assembly, the importance of respecting the principles of international law, national sovereignty and self-determination of countries. In relation to the process of the normalization of diplomatic relations with the US, he reiterated the need for the definitive lifting of the illegal blockade imposed on our country, the return of the territory illegally occupied in Guantánamo and an end to the subversive activities. Additionally, he took the opportunity to invite those present to participate in important commemorative activities to be developed by the Cuban Embassy in October. The activity took place in a pleasant and legitimate Cuban atmosphere; a melting pot of our collective contribution and music. (The Cuban Embassy, Grenada). Read More...

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