Permanent Mission of Cuba in Geneva
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On Human Rights Day, Cuba reaffirms its commitment to promoting and protecting all human rights

On Human Rights Day, Cuba reaffirms its commitment to promoting and protecting all human rights for all. 

Geneva. December 10, 2016. On Human Rights Day, Cuba has many reasons to celebrate. The triumph of the Revolution in January 1959 allowed Cubans to make significant progress in the enjoyment of all their human rights. 

Whether in the area of economic, social and cultural rights, the field of civil and political rights, or in the realization of so-called third-generation or solidarity rights, the Cuban people can show the world their achievements, with profound modesty, but with full satisfaction and pride. 

The important achievements of Cuba in fields such as health, education, scientific and technical research, culture and sports are known internationally. This has been achieved despite the current policy of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States for more than five decades, which represents the greatest obstacle to the full realization of the right to development and a systematic and flagrant violation of the Cuban people human rights. 

Many of the peoples of the world know very well the nobility of ideals that sustains the conduct of the Cuban people in their international activities. Several of them directly benefited from the selfless and permanent commitment of Cubans to the advancement of human rights for all, throughout the world. 

Tens of thousands of Cubans shared the fate of the millions of brothers and sisters in the struggles against colonialism and apartheid. Millions of people have regained their health with Cuban cooperation and thanks to the "Yo sí puedo" (Yes, I can) literacy programme, millions of people have become literate in 30 states. 

Cuba remains committed to promoting consideration of the just historical demands of the peoples of the South and of the large majority worldwide on issues such as the effective realization of the right to development; combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance; and ensuring full respect for the principles of universality, indivisibility, objectivity and non-selectivity in strengthening cooperation on human rights matters. 

All this has been possible precisely because the Cuban people are the masters of their political fate and the country’s resources, exercise the fullest power and control over the country’s life, and participate actively in the effective system of democracy that they designed and approved in a universal plebiscite. 

A better world, in which freedom, solidarity and peace are enjoyed by all, is possible and Cuba will not stop in its battle for these ideals. That is why this December 10, there are reasons for Cuba to celebrate with joy the Human Rights Day. 

Permanent Mission of Cuba to Geneva

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