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Adieux a Fidel

  Adieux a Fidel

By Umberto M azzei

Geneve, 27/11/2016

Fidel Castro is dead. He was a uniqueStateman withou t amatch. During 60 years from a little beautiful island  in the Caribbean Sea, he was one of the main actors in the International policies stage, in the media and the news among the world icons he had a projection as big an often bigger than the leaders of most powerful empires of the world .  Such extraordinary projection was a case never seen before in World History. It was not due to Cuba’s huge economic or military might. I t was the consequence of the exceptional strength power and magic of his personality. During those sixty years not one of the heads of State or government had risked his life so many times in their road to power.

The fact that Fidel was a man of great personal courage  was confirmed many times, over and over and his audacity and daring had been never seen before in world history. Fidel was a  unique combination of bravery and honesty, which is very rarely seen in the politics of our times.

His frugal life style was a reflection at the same time roof and an example of his personal probity. An honesty that makes itself visible also in his intellectual activity. Fidel as far as Ican remember the only head of State that admitted to have commited mistakes, without t being obliged to do so by external preassure. “      “We were mistaken when we thought that we knew what Socialism was about”, he said so at the University of Habana, he said so just like that with that simple direct manner that was one of the most endearing features of his personality.

H E said so and he meant it. Shortly afterwards a changes could be perceived in zhe internal economic policies of th Cuban government which started allowing more space to Cuban individual private initiative and to Cuban ingeniosity. Fidel is now gone, but the example of his political audacity , his honest courage, will continue to be a source of inspiration for the Cuban people and for thewhole of Latin- America, because he was also one of us.     


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