Permanent Mission of Cuba in Geneva
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"Technical assistance and capacity-building" at the 33rd regular session of the Human Rights Council.

Statement by the Permanent Representative of Cuba, Ambassador Anayansi Rodriguez Camejo, in the General Debate of the Agenda item 10, entitled "Technical assistance and capacity-building" at the 33rd regular session of the Human Rights Council. Geneva, Switzerland, September 29, 2016.

Mr. President:

With the inception of the Human Rights Council and the inclusion of agenda Item 10 on technical assistance and capacity-building, it opened a new way to promote and protect human rights from a more positive approach. This issue, together with the Universal Periodic Review, represented the aspirations of addressing human rights in an atmosphere of constructive dialogue and mutual respect.

However, unfortunately like many other issues in this Council, the actions of some jeopardize the credibility of Agenda Item 10. Just by analyzing some resolutions that are promoted under this item we come to realize that it is used to criticize the South, increasingly resembling item 4.

To this it must be added that certain States use the general debate on this issue to address political agendas that have nothing to do with technical assistance and capacity-building.

In this regard, about Venezuela, many have had a strong response in rejecting interference in the internal affairs of that country, defending its sovereignty and right to self-determination.

Cuba will continue raising its voice against the destabilizing onslaught and the economic and media war of those who seek sweeping the political, social and economic gains that have benefited millions of Venezuelan citizens who for centuries lived in poverty, injustice and inequality.

It will also continue to support the Venezuelan government and people, the civil-military union and the constitutional President Nicolas Maduro Moros, in defense of its sovereignty and self-determination, against imperialist and oligarchic interference that tries to destroy the Bolivarian and Chavista Revolution for appropriating the oil wealth and reverse the huge social gains achieved.

It is time to end the use of the Human Rights Council and Item 10 to promote political agendas and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Let us return to the way we all agreed ten years ago and really promote technical assistance and capacity-building in an atmosphere of mutual respect and constructive and respectful dialogue.

Thank you.


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