Permanent Mission of Cuba in Geneva
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"Universal Periodic Review", at the 33rd regular session of the Human Rights Council.

Statement by Claudia Pérez Alvarez, Counselor of the Permanent Mission of Cuba, in the general debate on the Agenda item 6 entitled "Universal Periodic Review", at the 33rd regular session of the Human Rights Council. Geneva, Switzerland, September 23, 2016.

Mr. President:

When it only remains one session to complete the second cycle of the Universal Periodic Review, the success of this mechanism is unquestionable, which is unprecedented and represents a substantial improvement over the former Commission on Human Rights, where it was impossible to analyze all countries alike.

It is a fact that the Council has failed to banish selectivity, political manipulation and double standards in dealing with human rights. Nevertheless, to the extent that we all see the UPR as the natural space to analyze the situation of human rights anywhere in the world, on an equal footing, we can move towards real promotion and protection of human rights, on the basis of genuine cooperation and banishing from our work the confrontation that is currently growing.

However, an objective and balanced analysis allows us to conclude that those truly committed to international cooperation on human rights, have essentially preserved the UPR as an effective and legitimate means of exchange and genuine dialogue for the promotion and protection of human rights anywhere in the world.

Mr. President:

The fact that the UPR remains an effective mechanism depends on both its facilitation and operation as the strengthening of its legitimacy based on a collective behavior of respect for the principles of objectivity and impartiality, guarantees of the commitment of the States in the implementation of the recommendations that  have been made and accepted.

With its successes, achievements and imperfections, the UPR has proved being a useful tool for the promotion and protection of all human rights for all, and the ideal mechanism for moving away the discriminatory practices and politicization that led to the collapse of the Commission on Human Rights. Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to protect this mechanism.

To strengthen the atmosphere of cooperation and respect, enhance the credibility and commitment derived from the legitimacy of a system in which we are all equal participants and subject to uniform standards and treatment, are indispensable requirements to ensure compliance with the Council decisions and provide the leading role it deserves in the commitment of the international community to promote and protect all human rights for all.

Thank you.

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