Permanent Mission of Cuba in Geneva
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Statement by the delegation of Cuba in the exercise of the right of reply to the US delegation. 31st regular session of the Human Rights Council.

Statement by the delegation of Cuba in the exercise of the right of reply to the US delegation. 31st regular session of the Human Rights Council. Geneva, March 15, 2016.

Mr. President:

Again, the US representative to this body poured unfounded accusations against Cuba. We encourage him to better deal and respond to human rights violations daily committed against the American people.

Cuba is not a place where there is racial discrimination or acts of police brutality and deaths occur in events related to these issues.

Cuba is not the country that flagrantly violates international humanitarian law in military operations against other countries or in which three people die daily at the hands of law enforcement officials, particularly African-Americans or Latinos.

We call the United States to return to Cuba the territory illegally occupied by the Guantanamo Naval Base in whose detention center people are tortured and held in a legal limbo. We urge the United States to allow the Special Rapporteur on Torture to visit such center without restrictions.

We will not relent in our demand for an end to the genocidal policy of the blockade.

The government of the United States must abandon the pretense of fabricating an internal political opposition, paid with its taxpayers' money.

Today we heard how two misnamed NGOs, UN Watch and Freedom House, uttered false accusations against my country. I will not refer to the first one not even for a minute. It is totally discredited and we all know what interests it responds to. Freedom House is a machinery of subversion and a CIA unit. Its funds come from the US State Department, NED and USAID. Its links with notorious terrorists are well known.

The person who spoke on behalf of Freedom House, after falsely victimizing herself as a focus of a nonexistent harassment from Cuban authorities, lives in the United States and travels around the world issuing false accusations against Cuba, a country that, by the way, she has returned to already twice without any problems, one of them barely two weeks ago.

False and with a dubious Christianity, orphan of ideas, she has lied again today. She is an accomplice of well known terrorists and notorious CIA agents as Felix Montero Toledo who savagely tortured guerrilla men in Africa. Her slanderous campaign about her father's death in a traffic accident has no basis. This was then evidenced after a thorough investigation and due process concluded with all the guarantees provided.

The only explanation is the intention to use any lie that serves the interests of unscrupulously discrediting Cuba and justify the policy of hostility against our country.

The degradation is marking the path of this young woman in search of money and for making a career in the bowels of the Empire.

As noted by the Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz, "we will not give up our ideals of independence and social justice, nor renounce in one of our principles, nor relent a millimeter in defense of the national sovereignty. We will not let be under pressure in our internal affairs. We have earned this sovereign right with great sacrifices and at the price of the biggest risks ".

Thank you very much.

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