Permanent Mission of Cuba in Geneva
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Press Release: Cuba presents its experience in building a model of resilient public health.

Cuba presents its experience in building a model of resilient public health.

Geneva February 10, 2016. At the World Health and Global Pandemics Retreat, organized by the Independent Commission on Multilateralism and the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, the Cuban Permanent Representative in this venue, Ambassador Anayansi Rodriguez Camejo, spoke about the characteristics of the Cuban public health model based on the comprehensive, integrated and sustainable primary care, which is an example of universal health coverage within reach of the entire population.

The diplomatic representative of the Island, who participated in this event as a guest panelist, addressed the various elements that have led to the development of the health system in her country which has assumed the access of all people to the benefits of the scientific and technological development and international solidarity as basic principles.

She referred to the training, preparation and continuous improvement of the human resorces as a key element to strengthening the health systems and emphasized the need for political commitment from governments so that the community stands as object and beneficiary of the health programs and services.

Likewise, she reiterated the urgent need to address the root causes that severely affect the responsiveness of health systems in many Third World countries, particularly underdevelopment, lack of adequate infrastructure and deficits in education, among others.

The participants welcomed the segment devoted by Rodriguez Camejo to present the Cuban experience in the battle against Ebola epidemic in West Africa. She asserted that the Ebola crisis has marked a paradigm shift in the approach of the World Health Organization (WHO) to respond to health emergencies and emphasized the importance of the preventive, multidisciplinary and inclusive approach to successfully respond to disease outbreaks like this one or other emergencies with health consequences.

The forum was attended by other heads of diplomatic missions in Geneva, experts, academics and representatives of the civil society.

Permanent Mission of Cuba at Geneva


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