Permanent Mission of Cuba in Geneva
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Press Release on the celebration of the Feast of ALBA in Geneva.

Celebration in Geneva of the Feast of ALBA.

Geneva, December 14, 2015. The headquarters of the United Nations in this venue became the scenario for the Feast of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), organized by the Permanent Missions of Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador and Cuba.

The traditional meeting of December, organized to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of this mechanism of political coordination and integration, was attended by Ambassadors of the member countries of the Alliance, to which the Permanent Representative of El Salvador joined as a guest country and whose diplomatic representatives, like last year, participated in the organization of the activity.

The welcome statements were made by Michael Moller, Director General of the UN Office in Geneva and Jorge Valero, the Venezuela's Ambassador, who in their speeches stressed the important role of the integration actions in Latin America and the Caribbean in their efforts to achieve the welfare of the peoples of the subcontinent, as well as the historical significance of ALBA as part of these efforts and their actions on political cooperation in multilateral fora.

The attendants -Ambassadors and diplomatic officials, members of the secretariats of several international organizations based in Geneva and representevents;atives of solidarity organizations- had the opportunity to witness, as a sign of the Latin American cultural events, a traditional Bolivian dance and the performance of Trio "Manjuarí" of Cuba, who delighted the audience with anthological songs of the Caribbean island.

The Permanent Missions who organized the event were responsible also for placing stands where traditional food and drinks of each country were offered.

The meeting provided an opportunity for fraternization and the enjoyment of Latin American and Caribbean music and dances.

Permanent Mission of Cuba in Geneva.



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