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Barbadian Minister of Health visiting Cuba.
Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hon. John Boyce, Minister of Health of Barbados, makes a bilateral working visit to Havana on October 19 to review cooperation relations with his Cuban counterpart, Dr. Roberto Morales, while attending the regional event sponsored by Cuba and PAHO on confrontation with Zika, to be held October 20-21. Before his departure the Minister received the Cuban Ambassador, Francisco Fernandez, to punctuate the work agenda which includes a wide range of aspects, such as professional exchange, training opportunities, evaluation of primary health care programs as well as other treatments to cancer, diabetes, alzheimer and HIV/AIDS. They were present at the meeting the Health Permanent Secretary, Tennyson Springer, and other officers of the Ministry, including Desmond King, Environment Director, who is part of the ministerial delegation.

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Cuban Deputy Chancellor to address the media on US blockade
Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Abelardo Moreno, addressed today to representatives of the national and foreign press the key elements of the draft resolution 70/5 that Cuba will present on Wednesday October 26 at the United Nations General Assembly, entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba ". At the meeting, the Cuban deputy minister stressed that the main objective of this document is implicit in the title itself: the need to end this outdated policy and violates international law. Among the main issues, said Moreno, is the complaint to the extraterritorial nature of the blockade. This measure, he said, not only affects Cuba but also third countries and institutions and hampering economic, commercial and financial relations among nations.


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Camilo pays tribute to his father and other victims of the terrorist attack on the Sea of Barbados in which bottom most of their bodies lie.
Saturday, October 8, 2016

Camilo Rojo Quintana, son of Jesús Rojo, a member of the flight crew CU-455 destroyed in flight by an assassin's bomb planted by trained and paid by the CIA terrorists, could not resist the temptation to visit Barbados for the first time and I wanted to visit the exact place of this human tragedy, which killed 73 innocent civilians, of whom was only possible rescue parts of eight bodies. Supported by the friend Pan Africanist Onkphra Wells, on a sunny and peaceful dawn, he sailed in a small rowboat from the beach "View Beach", away from the monument erected to the victims in the Barbadian neighborhood Paynes Bay, to share the noisy silence a meeting that he missed since the age of five years and that came true after 40 years with regret that justice has not come for any of the family as impunity and imperial arrogance have allowed professionals crime have freely walked the streets of Miami.

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Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration in solidarity
Friday, October 7, 2016

The Caribbean Movement for Peace Integration extends our support and solidarity to Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba for Hurricane Matthew that can create disaster problems. The Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration stands ready to join with other organisations in Barbados to assist the Governments and People with our solidarity. Our Movement will monitor this Hurricane and we will respond with action and solidarity. We are also very concerned about the Barbadian students in Jamaica, Bahamas and Cuba and will also extend our support and solidarity with the students. We must be concerns and ready of offer our solidarity. David Denny, Secretary General


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President of the Barbadian Parliament welcomes the Cuban delegation.
Friday, October 7, 2016

The Honorable Michael Carrington, Speaker of the House of the Barbadian Parliament, received in his office the Cuban delegation attending the 40th Anniversary commemoration of the terrorist attack off the west coasts of this island in October 1976. The head of the delegation, Hero Fernando Gonzalez Llort, in his dual capacity as Vice President of ICAP, after reporting the positive results of the program fulfilled in the country for the occasion, thanked the support of the Barbadian Parliament to the Cuban struggle against the blockade, and in particular, that resolution approved by the legislature in 2011 to reject the isolation policy against Cuba, the struggle against terrorism and for the liberation of the Cuban Five antiterrorist fighters, who at that time were still serving unjust imprisonment in USA. Meanwhile, Camilo Rojo, who received the parliamentary leader condolences for the loss of his father in the bombing, welcomed the statement issued by the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Right Honourable Freundel Stuart, on the occasion of this 40th Anniversary, asking him to give their high appreciation on personal capacity and on behalf of all the families of the victims and the Cuban people.

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