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Acting Barbadian Chancellor attends the Reception for the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the birth anniversary of José Martí
Wednesday, January 28, 2015

 Bridgetown, Barbados, January 28. The Honorable Steve Blackett, Barbados acting chancellor, presided over the official delegation and said the words on behalf of his Government at the Reception by the 56 Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution and the 162 anniversary of the birth of our national hero, José Martí, activity attended by more than a hundred people from diverse sectors of Barbadian society, between government politicians and opposition parliamentarians, businessmen, artists and intellectuals, diplomats, consular and agencies and CARICOM UN accredited in Barbados, as well as managers and members of the various member organizations Barbadians Solidarity Movement and the community of Cuban residents in the country.


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Remembering victims of Cubana airline
Monday, October 06, 2014

Release the three Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who remain unjustly held in United States prisons for seeking information about the actions of the terrorists who were responsible for bringing down a Cubana flight 38 years ago. Read More...

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PriceSmart lifts Cuban ban
Thursday, June 19, 2014

Officials and employees of the Cuban Embassy in Barbados can once again access goods and services from the American buying club PriceSmart. Consul of the Cuban Embassy in Barbados Oresdes Hernandez made this disclosure today after receiving a letter from management of PriceSmart this week, informing the embassy that all accounts had been restored. Read More...

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Bajans celebrate with Cubans
Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thirteen Caribbean nationals, including Barbadians, have been awarded for their support to the Cuban revolution.
They were honoured last evening by Cuba’s ambassador to Barbados, Lissette Perez, at a celebration to mark the 55th anniversary of victory by the Fidel Castro-led army against the then government.

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