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 to invite you to the 8thInternational Meeting on Justice and Law 2016, which will be held from May 18thto 20th, 2016, at the Havana International Conference Center, Cuba.


This meeting, during its 8thedition, has been consolidated as a scientific and legal setting of great prestige,both national and abroad, with the participation of renowned personalities as presidents, judges from supreme courts, specialists, academicians, as well as professors worldwide.


All those professionals, who submit their papers and be accepted by the Scientific Committee, will be able to participate as lecturer; or as delegate those ones who pay the corresponding registration fee for this category.




Ruben Remigio Ferro, President of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice of the Republic of Cuba

Vice Presidents

Oscar Manuel Silvera Martínez, Vice President of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice

Olga Lidia Jone Morrison, Vice President of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice

Pedro Luis González Chávez, Vice President of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice

Joselin Sanchez Hidalgo, Judge of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice


Rufina De La Caridad Hernández, Director for Training and Advancement of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice


Maricela Sosa Ravelo, President of Criminal Court of the Supreme People´s Court

Vivian Aguilar Pascaud, President of Labor Court of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice

Liliana González Hernández, President of Economic Court of the Supreme People´s Court

Carlos M. DíazTenreiro, President of Civil and Administrative Court of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice

Col. Ismael Lema Ávila, President of Military Court of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice

Luis Lauzarique Rodríguez, Director of Planning and Economy of the Supreme People´s Court of Justice

Migdalia Luna Cisneros, Professional Congress Organizer of the Havana International Conference Center





·         Formula for judicial ethics and independence consolidation in the administration of justice.

·         Access to justice. The need for its improvements

·         Virtuality of speeding up mechanisms for justice

·         People participation in the administration of justice

·         Due process improvement in the judicial practice

·         Custodial sentence crisis. New alternative forms of penalty

·         Alternative justice and criminal law

·         Labor protection and insertion of disabled people

·         Environmental justice. Challenges for its improvements.

·         Protection of the human rights in court. Reality and necessity.

·         Woman in judgeship. Great advances for a judicial mode strategy.

·         Computerization impact and prospect for the administration of justice



Criminal Topics

·         Res judicata and revision of criminal code

·         Doctrinal and theoretical basics for criminal prescription

·         Judicial adaptation and individualization of sanction

·         Extenuating circumstances and the purposes of the sentence

·         Legal and doctrinal considerations for: Tax evasion, Illicit business and Influence peddling

·         Criminal law and due process

·         Criminal justice and minors

·         New look for criminal cassation in the 21st Century

·         No reformatio in pejus principle in forwarding

·         Double judicial conformity in criminal proceedings

·         Opportunity principle in criminal proceedings

·         Impact of technological means in the traditional institutions of procedural law

·         Popular character of the administration of justice

·         Court costs for criminal proceedings and justice access

·         Principle of impartiality and execution court

·         Abridged proceeding and procedural principles

·         Victim in criminal proceedings.


Civil Topics

·         Current challenges of procedural Law

·         Judge´s intuitive function

·         Judge´s active role

·         Mediation and conciliation as alternative processes for the solution of disputes

·         Family law and special proceeding

·         Prospects for Interim judicial protection

·         Material evidence and truth. Their relation to the object of process and its assessment

·         Regime of resources as a justice accessguarantee

·         Justice feasibility and execution process

·         Judicial protection for underprivileged people

·         Gender and diversity, jurisdictional protection

·         Judicial protection of the intellectual creation

·         Consumer facing jurisdiction

·         Science and technology linked with bioethics and jurisdiction

·         Marital status registry and the public interest for its determination

·         Guarantees and performance of obligations

·         Civil law institutions facing socioeconomic realities of the current century.

·         Patrimonial and civil responsibility


Moral damage

·         Jurisdictionand Administration control 

·         Principles of Administrative Law

·         Jurisdictional control for administrative action

·         Legitimization for administrative processes

·         Administration sanctioning power and its jurisdictional control

·         Court challenge of the administrative acts

·         Discretional faculty and its bounds

·         Revisability of administrative acts and special legal regimes

·         Administrative silence

·         Contributor protection

·         Taxes facing its social function

·         Tax system and its principles

·         Border protection

·         Environmental conflicts


Economic Topics

·         Economic process in view of the new Cuban economic model.

·         New actors for the Cuban economy: procedural treatment

·         Contract as an essential tool for the economic management

·         Precautionary regime for the economic jurisdiction processes

·         Executive process for execution-creating credits

·         Preliminary audience: its functions and achievements

·         Judicial liquidation and dissolution of trading companies

·         Judicial control for the firm solutions dictated by the economic courts

·         Environmental justice: legitimization and prove



Labor Topics

·         New courses for labor justice

·         Business crisis and worker protection

·         Impact of information technologies in Labor Law

·         Labor protection and insertion for economically disadvantaged people

·         Current trends and realities of social security




Those interested will be able to submit their own papers individually or collectively in digital format before March 14th, 2016. Papers must be attached by an abstract with the following information: Topic, title, author´s full name, e-mail, phone, fax and country. Authors will decide if their papers may be presented during the event or not.

A scientific committee, created by the Organizing Committee, will be responsible for selecting those papers which will be presented during the meeting and also determine their corresponding exhibition time.

Spanish will be the official language of the event. However, there will be English-Spanish simultaneous interpreting services.



The applications for registration will be made at the Organizing Committee by e-mail, fax, phone or mail.








Lecturer:                                200.00 CUC

Delegate:                                 230.00 CUC

Student:                                   160.00 CUC

Accompanying Person:           100.00 CUC


Registration fee includes: name badge, program, participation in all scientific activities of the event, closing ceremony and welcoming cocktail, as well as attendance certificate.



For further information, please contact to:


Dámaso Castañet Betancourt

Supreme People´s Court of Justice of the Republic of Cuba

Address: Ave. Independencia e/ Tulipán y Lombillo, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba

Phone: (53) 7881-2431



Migdalia Luna Cisneros

Havana International Conference Center

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Fax: (53)7202-8382; E-mail:

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