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Ambassador paid tribute to first Cuban in Australia
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sydney-December 5, 2015.
In the picture above, from left to right: Marcelo Sosa and Alejandro Zuniga, Latin House; Cuban Ambassador His Excellency José Manuel Galego Montano; Maria Sosa; Joaquin Suarez and Eduardo Figueroa Friends of Cuba Committee-Sydney.



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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

<p>Canberra, November 6, 2015. The Honorable Tony Smith, Speaker of the Australian Parliament, received in special audience the Ambassador of Cuba, Jose Manuel Galego Montano. The diplomat wished the Speaker success in his new functions and expressed gratitude for the support of Australia in the UN vote against the blockade. He also informed him of the progresses in bilateral ties during 2015. As to say, the creation and work of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Cuba, consisting of 28 parliamentarians from various political groups, as well as the launch and activity of the newly formed Australia-Cuba Business Council. The Ambassador especially highlighted the agreement with an Australian firm for oil exploration in Cuba.


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Aussie travellers head to Cuba
Monday, December 14, 2015

Aussie travellers head to Cuba, Mongolia
An analysis of online flight searches provides an insight into where Australian travellers will be headed next year.
Source: AAP, 11 DEC 2015
Cuba, South Korea and Taiwan will top the list of destinations for Australian travellers in 2016, according to an analysis of flight searches.
Australians considering an overseas holiday next year will also be looking at Mongolia and Norway, Skyscanner Australia predicts.
The list of destinations is based on countries that have recorded strong and increasing interest among people using the global search engine.
Searches related to Cuba, which will also be getting more American tourists following the lifting of a US travel ban, increased by 94 per cent in 2015.
"After analysing millions of flight search data from the past three years, it is really interesting to see these new and exciting destinations such as Cuba and Mongolia on this list of upcoming favourites," Skyscanner Australia and New Zealand spokeswoman Emily Callahan said in a statement.
Domestically, Uluru, Hobart and Proserpine in Queensland's Whitsundays topped the list.
Predicted top international destinations for Aussies in 2016:
1. Cuba
2. South Korea
3. Taiwan
4. India
5. Sri Lanka
6. Mongolia
7. Norway
8. Samoa
9. Japan
10. Philippines
Predicted top domestic destinations for Aussies in 2016:
1. Uluru
2. Hobart
3. Proserpine
4. Launceston
5. Adelaide
Source: Skyscanner Australia


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The Embassy of Cuba celebrated the 26 of July
Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Embassy of Cuba celebrated the 26 of July with the Australian-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) in Canberra. We had Cuban music and touristic information. The staff the Cuba Embassy celebrated together with the members of ACFS a midday activity under the Cuban Sculpture made by Cuban artist Nelson Dominguez, located at the Latin American Plaza. 

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Embassy of Cuba participates in the raising of the flag of Venezuela
Monday, July 6, 2015

Embassy of Cuba participates in the raising of the flag of Venezuela in the center of the city of Canberra, specifically in the Latin American Plaza.
The beautiful ceremony was held to mark the July 5, 1811, when it was declared the independence of Venezuela, held in the neighboring country as their national day. 

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