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Australia reaffirms high interest in business opportunities in Cuba
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Perth, 20 May - The Deputy Minister of MINEM, Yuri Viamontes, concluded a successful visit to Australia, where noted the high level of interest that provides the island continent to the business opportunities in Cuba.
During his intense tour that included the cities of Perth and Melbourne, the senior leader of the MINEM conducted two business seminars on mines and energy in Cuba and conducted a central intervention in the conference "Latin America Down Under 2016" (LADU) in the city of Perth, considered as the most important estate mining in Australia.
In the event of LADU, in addition to dozens of companies Australian, was attended by high-level delegations of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, as well as companies linked to other Latin American and Caribbean countries such as Peru. All ambassadors of Australia in Latin America, plus executives and officials of the MINREX and the Australian MINCEX participated.
The Minister of energy and mines of the State of Western Australia, inaugurated the event of LADU.
Australian and Partners organizers highlighted at various times, the fact that it was the first time Cuba participated in this event, highlighting their interest that Cuba continue doing.
The Deputy Minister Viamontes exchanged with the Hon. Bill Marmion, Minister of finance and development of the State of Western Australia.
The organizers of the seminar included a positive article about Cuba in its magazine Paydirt.

In Melbourne, Viamontes had several encounters with the President of the Parliament of the State of Victoria, Telmo Languiller. He also had a fruitful interview with Minister of mines and energy of the State of Victoria, Lily D´Ambrosio.
Subsequently, there was a seminar on mines and energy in Cuba at the University of Melbourne, counting with the interventions of Viamontes and mrs. Kim Prior, Chair

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The Australian Foreign Minister Highlights Excellent Relations with Cuba
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Canberra, Australia, 8th March 2016

In the Australian Capital, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop emphasized that “Our relations with Cuba are excellent and we hope to continue to strengthen them”. In her spontaneous speech during the Cuban National Day ceremony, she stressed how Australia was following the increasing development of positive ties between the United States and the Cuban economy with great interest.

The Deputy of the Liberal Party emphasized that the warm reception of the Special Envoy Delegation, Andrew Robb, in Havana demonstrated the great interest Australia has in Cuba, as well as the emergence of new paths towards economic trade between the two great nations. She wishes great successes for Cuba.

Richard Marles, the Shadow Minister for Immigration (Labor Party and main opposition) and Teresa Gambaro, a member of the Liberal Party and the former Chair of the Australian Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, both expressed similar sentiments. Minister Marles even concluded his speech with the words ‘Viva Cuba!’ in Spanish.

The Ambassador for Cuba, José Manual Galego Montano, emphasized the economic and social advancements of his country, including the new laws on foreign investment, the special economic zone of Mariel, as well as positive outlooks in Cuba’s growing ties with Australia. The Ambassador highlighted that “The Australian people are actively campaigning for closer relations with Cuba. In 2015, Australian tourism in Cuba was sitting around 60%, however in January this year, it grew to 79%, even in the absence of a direct travel route”.

Galego Montano gave thanks to many friends in Australian who have defended Cuba in the last 55 years. Thanks to their support, there will always be friends in every corner of the Australian continent who are willing to extend support to Cuba. It was for this r

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Australia Negotiates More Trade and Investment with Cuba
Thursday, February 25, 2016

Havana, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) The Government and business people from Australia expressed today their interest in broadening and diversifying trade links with Cuba and promoting investments in sectors like renewable energy, agriculture, stockbreeding, bippharmaceutic, minning and oil prospecting.
A bilateral business forum for these negotiations, held at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, in this capital, was led by Andrew Robb, special envoy of the Australian Government, and Orlando Hernandez Guillen, Cuban Trade Minister.

Despite the giant geographical distance between the two nations, there is mutual empathy, and we have always admired the Cuban people for their capacity to cope on their own in any circumstance, said the head of the visiting delegation.

Robb, who is also the Trade Minister of Australia, said that the process for the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States attracts the attention of the whole world, and the Australian traders are no exception; hence the large delegation accompanying him during this trip to Havana.

In his opinion, the recent reforms in the Cuban legislation and the updating of its economic model turn this Caribbean nation into a much more attractive destination for foreign direct investment.

He also highlighted the increase in Cuba's international reputation in financial terms, in the wake of renegotiation of debts contracted to major creditors, including the Paris Club, of which Australia is a member.

Robb confirmed his country's willingness to become an attractive investment partner to Cuba because of the possibilities to develop joint projects in tourism, agricultural and livestock activities and infrastructure related to this field, among others.

He also extolled Cuba's achievements in health, including research and production of drugs that don't exist anywhere.

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Cuba promoted its culture during the Multicultural Festival
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CANBERRA, ACT – 15, February 2016 – The Embassy of Cuba accredited in Canberra participated in the Multicultural Festival this past Saturday, 13 February.

Their annual intervention was as colorful – and tasty – as always. The Latin American and Caribbean section of the festival featured food and drinks of the diverse participating countries. Music was a strong component of their presentation as well, featuring sounds from all over the continent. In addition to local artists performing the vibrant sounds of Latin America, a number of musicians were brought directly from their native countries for the pleasure of the attendees to the festival. The friendly representatives of each country were dressed in traditional costumes to bring to life their own distinctive cultures. In these garments, the representatives offered attendees goods and crafts from their countries to attract the big crowds that rolled by.

In particular, Cuba displayed a beautiful stand where one could find images of the island nation, its dances, handcrafts, music, and general culture. The representatives of the Embassy offered a degustation of rum, pamphlets and pictures of the most typical goods from the country. The representatives also set up a table where passers-by could play the traditional game of dominoes.

The representatives explained to assistants the history, traditions, and the mounting rise in tourism towards Cuba. Australian tourism in Cuba grew about 60% during 2015, while in January 2016 alone it reached a record figure of a 79% increase. Many Australians demonstrated interest during the festival about the latest political developments in Cuba.

The Embassy of Cuba promoted the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first Cuban to Australia, which will be happen this upcoming March 13th. Several Cubans and many Latin-Americans residing in Canberra visited the stand and came to offer their help in

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Ambassador paid tribute to first Cuban in Australia
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sydney-December 5, 2015.
In the picture above, from left to right: Marcelo Sosa and Alejandro Zuniga, Latin House; Cuban Ambassador His Excellency José Manuel Galego Montano; Maria Sosa; Joaquin Suarez and Eduardo Figueroa Friends of Cuba Committee-Sydney.



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