Embassy of Cuba in Antigua and Barbuda
Solidarity from Cuba with the world

For Cuba, the solidarity among human beings and peoples is a duty. From its beginning, the Cuban Revolution has not only defended just causes, but also extended its arms in solidarity with many regions of the world.  Half a million of Cuban professionals has accomplished international missions, selflessly supporting those least favored; especially, the Latin-American, Asian and African nations.

The work of solidarity carry out by Cuba is mainly focused on the health, education, and sports sectors, although it has been expanded to other areas such as physical planning, construction, hydraulic resources, the agriculture, fisheries, science and technology.

Youth from Latin America and Africa have received education in Cuban soil at the middle and higher levels, who, subsequently, contributed to the training of human resources in their respective countries and to those nations’ scientific and cultural development.

In this regard, an important contribution was the opening of the Latin American School of Medical Sciences (ELAM) in 1999, in Havana, which graduated its first group of doctors in 2005.
For Cubans, internationalism is a very beautiful experience that contributes to the enrichment of the professional exercise and makes people more humane and revolutionary. These pages of love and unforgettable emotions written by Cuban cooperators in the world are endless and will continue to exist, since Cuba keeps its heart open so that a better world be possible. 

Our Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz has stated that being an internationalist means paying our own debt with mankind. In the ceremony on the occasion of the establishment of Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics on 19 September 2005, Fidel stated: “Not even once, throughout the selfless history of the Revolution, have our people failed to offer its supportive medical assistance to other nations in need of this aid at times when catastrophes have hit them, regardless of wide ideological and political differences …

Our concepts on our peoples’ human condition and the duty of brotherhood and solidarity were never, nor will they ever be betrayed. The dozens of thousands of Cuban doctors and health professionals stationed around the world are irrefutable proof of what I am stating.  For them, there will never be language barriers, sacrifices, danger or obstacles”

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